I’ve completely shut down all sorts of Media when I was on my Vacation in Vegas ahhh and I must say it was sooo relaxing!!! Daddy said we needed a SOCIAL MEDIA FREE TRIP so I distance myself from my Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, & Youtube world until I got back home! I did happen to get some Video Footages and Pictures for you guys! I still have more that I need to edit so be patient with me! Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes! I’m super excited to be celebrating it back home with my families and friends! I honestly have no idea what I’m doing yet… But I SURE LIKE SURPRISES!!! lol ^_^

Vegas Part I – “Happy Birthday Month Mommy!”


Sorry everyone that it has taken me so long to upload this video on my blog! Ahhh! I have more coming I swear! lol I’m still HUNGOVER from my Vegas trip! ^_^ Plus Naomi has totally man handled me into playing with her allllll DAY! So here it is! I hope you guys like it!

This trip Daddy and I stayed at the Wynn Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada!! This was our first time here because usually we’re over at The Palazzo/Venetian Hotel. But since it was my BIRTHDAY I chose the Wynn since it has my Last Name on it! LOL They’re known for their NEW Night Club Surrender & XS!!!!! Mr. Wynn was so successful he opened up a second Casino Encore next door for his Wifey! AWWW How Sweet of him!!! ^_^

Over all I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE WYNN! They treated us like Royalties and I can’t thank the Staff at the Wynn enough for accommodating us with so much Free FOOD!!!!!! XOXOX [[♥]] Julie