Welcome to My House Party!

I want to take my time out and thank each and everyone of you for making My 24th Birthday Month extra special. It seems like all Good things must come to an end… but these memories will last forever! I really feel so blessed and loved from all my Family and Friends who put so much effort to giving me the BEST BIRTHDAY ever! I truly couldn’t have done it without you guys! You guys make my World go ROUND and I deeply appreciate all the love, support, and gifts that you all have given me. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without my [[♥]] FAM[ILY]




JulieMissJuicy’s 24th Birthday Part III


It’s Amazing even after all this time, I’m still in love with you. You have me Philly Styles. Forever. I Promise.





They don’t call me Miss Juicy for nothing! Starting off my Birthday Weekend right!!! Juicy Jay’s Grape please!!!

I’m going to be celebrating MY 24th Birthday Bash at Vault Martini Bar tonight (Friday 24th) at 9pm! Come have a drink with me and my Family & Friends!

I just did my own Birthday Nails with SEPHORA by O.P.I. “Havana Dreams” (Sheer pale sky blue) and added my SEPHORAGold Leopard” Nail Bling!  It’s easy to change your nail color like you do your wardrobe with this SEPHORA Bain Dissolvant Express Instant Nail Polish Remover! It’s a MUST HAVE for any Nail Freak! You can carry the bottle any where and be able to get rid of those ugly chips or smudges! This is my Mini Nail Haul I got at the Las Vegas Sephora in the Venetian Casino. Who said doing your nails has to be expensive, you can do them yourself and have fun with them!