11 Things I Love…


#1. Starbucks This is how I like to wake up every morning. I’m a total zombie without my cup of coffee! I’m lucky to live Downtown where there’s a Starbucks on every corner.

 My daughter Naomi loves Starbucks too!

My neighbor Hannah came over and surprised her with a Pink Birthday Cake Pop!

#2 Getting Long Massages Here’s me and Hannah getting our massages at

Healthy Foot Reflexology on 82nd & Harrison

After a long week of work, this was what I needed! Being pampered and being man-handle!

Thanks for being my Decision Making Support Specialist!

#3 MAKE UP FOR EVER I’m now apart of the Make Up For Ever team and I couldn’t be more happier!

This was a great Christmas Present that I earned for myself and another step towards my Career and Dreams. I can’t wait to really go deep with my Artistry and to expand my skills and craft from the Make Up For Ever Professional Team.

#4 Hot Tools Curly-Q Curling Iron

  • Rheostat heat control dial heats up to 450 degrees
  • Powerful spring clamp
  • Heat resistant styling glove included
  • Foldaway safety stand
  • 8 inches long swivel cord

I just received my new curling wand from Amazon.com and I’m in love with it already!

I have really long thick black hair and this curling tool get to the very ends and the curls come out bouncier than any other curling iron I ever used. It get super HOT really fast and my curls last for 2-3 days. I have been curling my hair for years and this is the easiest curling iron I have ever used.

#5 Eyelash Extensions This isn’t only a job, it’s a calling.. I’m extremely passionate about my work and the feeling I get from making girls happy is extraordinary. My clients leave feeling happy and brand new and that’s something money can’t buy.

#6. JEWELRY  Here’s Naomi, Me, & Manila from Kassab Jewelers Downtown 

I’m a type of girl that loves to be ICY & *BLING BLING*

“Shine Bright Like a Diamond”

#7. Music There’s not one single day that I don’t listen to Pandora Radio.

I’m addicted to Slow Jams, R&B, Hip Hop, & Rap


#8 My Sister Diana.  We had our family Christmas Dinner over at my Grandpa’s house and my mother made all this! YUM! I love traditional Vietnamese food! There’s nothing better than Home-cooked meals from my mama.

#9 Prime Rib I’m a huge FOODIE and I love to eat! I’m blessed to have a man that knows his way around the kitchen. Philly went to Whole Food’s and bought a 7lb Prime Rib for dinner.

Here’s my Christmas Eve Dinner Plate! This is how I get DOWN!

Prime Rib, Salad, Corn, Stuffing, Mash Potato, & Veggies! Thank you Daddy for hooking it up!

My P.I.C. posting up our pictures for IG ^_^

Ended our meal with some Cheesecake for dessert!

 HOW CUTE! Auntie Thao & Naomi feeding each other some cake!

#10 WINE NIGHT My favorite are Mascato & Merlot

 Naomi cracks me up! lol She loves wine too!

#11. Gift Cards This year for christmas I mostly gave away gift cards because it’s easy and my family and friends can actually go and get something they really want. My favorites ones to give and get are Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Forever 21, Toys R Us, Regal Movie Theater, Target, Best Buy, & Home Depot.


Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! I hope you guys all got what you wished for and enjoying this amazing Holiday Season with your love ones!

Thanks for Reading!!! [[♥]] XOXO



12.12.12 @ 12:12PM

Hi WORLD It’s me yo girl Julie and I just wanted to say WASSUP from the Internet-Land and say.. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Each and everyone one of you!!! FACEBOOK & TWITTER wouldn’t be AMAZING without YOU making it go up N down everyday! [[♥]]

A tragic thing happened in my city yesterday… Three people, including the shooter, are dead after a man with a rifle opened fire inside the Clackamas Town Center and my prayers goes out to all the victims that has been injured from this terrible incident.

Yesterday when I made a pit stop at Starbucks on Gateway for a Grande Peppermint Mocha… there was a Police Cop hanging out in the Subway next door just watching me… for some reason GOD was telling me to drive really careful and to watch out for the Rain. I knew right then that this was a Sign and I gotta watch my back. GOD IS GOOD!

As a “recovering”  Shopohlic I could have easily been hit in this accident… I have goosebumps writing this, but my girlfriends and I had originally plan to go to that Oregon Mall today at the exact time, but something kept telling me to Keep going towards Downtown Portland instead. WOW!

I had a great Adventure Day with my girlfriends Shelly & Amanda! Here we are at Clarie’s in Pioneer Place Downtown goofin’ around in the store! FUN!!! You guys make me laugh and I’m so glad we Completed our Mission today! YAY!!

They kept calling me “Chewbacca” but really.. this is my Bullet-Proof Vest I got from Nordstroms ^_^


After our Shopping Spree we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some of their Happy Hour 65 cents wings! YUMMY!!!

I always order mine NAKED (with No Sauce) but next time I’m going to ask for “Dessert Heat Seasoning” for more flavor. My BWW sauce I got on the side was ‘Mango Habanero & Spicy Garlic’
You can’t forget the Celery & Carrot Sticks! DROOLZ

Okay I know I’m late on this… but I just realized that you can actually send GIFTS through Facebook now.. WTF?! so if you guys are my Friend… I just want to know if it works! LOL
XOXO  [[♥]] Julie