Tips to Reduce Stress & Be Happier


There’s nothing more I love in life than to spend time with the people I care and adore the most! Last weekend I escape from all the partying to enjoy it with my Fam Bam! I’m very blessed to have such a supportive family and very accepting of the person I am. They’re the one that continues to push me because they love to see me grow! My sister-in-law picked me up on Friday so we could go shopping at Woodburn! They had some great sales at Banana Republic & Gap! Look at the new Sandals I got!! Super cute!!!


I got the champaign color one and now I wish I got the purple one too since it was on sale! They’re perfect for Spring! I loved it so much, I took off my 5″ heels, and I wore my New Sandals out of the store so I can continue shopping! #Smart

I needed to fuel my body so we got some Jamba Juice (lol This was my first job I ever had #JAMBA ^_^) I got a 16 oz Peanut Butter Moo’d without the Bananas & a Free Immunity Boost! YUMMY!!!!!

My Sister DiDi & Mike met us up at Woodburn too so we can take a look at some Bridesmaid dresses at BCBG! I love love love this store! I can never walk out without buying something!!

They were having their Spring Sale so all their dresses were only $69!!! My sister DiDi is planning for a Royal Blue as her Wedding Theme and Chi Hai wants more of a Purple / Fuchsia! What’s great about shopping at BCBG is, if they don’t have your size or color, you can always order it online and have it shipped to your house!! PERFECTO!!!

I bought myself a Easter Cardigan & a beautiful beaded Necklace!! I can’t wait to do my Video Hauls again!!!



I came home from shopping and my daughter Naomi was knocked out on my couch! When I woke up this was what I found! SO CUTE!!!





Like Father Like Daughter! What a great day to start my Saturday! I told them to rise & shine so we can go get some breakfast!







When I was pregnant the only thing I craved for was Good Taste WonTon Noodle Soup with Roast Pig! YUMMY It still hits the spot!



After lunch Daddy, Lil Boo, & I went shopping around Chinatown! They have all the coolest shops around Downtown! We went into a couple of Art Museums, and even to Compound Gallery where they sell crazy kicks, t-shirts, clothes, art, and so much more neat stuff! If you haven’t been to Compound I encourage you to go check it out!!





My BFF Thuy called me because she just got off work and wanted to come over to kick it! Now a days our “kicking it” means going to Freddie’s to buy groceries to make Dinner! Lol (yeah… We’re old now! HAHA!) We came back and hired Philly to be our personal chef for the night! #Yum after not eating meat on Friday… Homemade Cheeseburgers sounds delicious!!!

  After Naomi was done eating her BIG… I mean HUGE Cheeseburgers, she was ready for Bath & Bedtime! What a eventful Saturday for Miss Naomi!!


It brings me Joy when I see my daughter smile! She’s the Happiest Little Baby I’ve ever met!
Spoiled yes… but as long as she’s happy, Mommy’s Happy!
  This is my Pursuit of Happiness! 
Every morning my mother loves to FaceTime us on her iPad2! lol Naomi & Ba Ngoai have Puppy Playdates too! They’re too cute!!! Oh yeah! Anyone interested in this Black Female Pekingese/Shih-tzu for Sale!!! 9 Weeks OLD!!! My sister named her “Daisy” ^_^ HOLLA!!


On our way to Grandma’s & Grandpa’s house for Sunday Night Dinner!  Strawberries was on Sale at Fred Meyers! 3 boxes for $5 BUCKS!!! #Winning Philly’s parents are the sweetest people on earth! Lol Look at Naomi’s Grandpa wearing Daddy’s Timberlines! lol #OGSwagger Now I know where Philly gets his Good Looks from! ^_^





I’ve been hooked on this game “Draw Something!” I look like a freakin tweaker on my phone 24/7 with my >>Stylus Pen<< drawing against my sister!  She’s so good!!!! If you guys have this app, ADD ME!!!  Username: JulieMissJuicy  
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“I’m in my own Lil World… But it’s okay, They Know Me HERE!” 
[[♥]] -XO Julie