In Loving Memory of Tupac Shakur



2Pac leaves a legacy of honesty and passion in his songs. Respected by many,  2Pac has become an inspiration for artists and a standard in rap music.”


I know I  sound  HELLA silly; but 2Pac actually inspired me to get my nosed Pierced  Haha he’s the only Man that can pull off a nose ring and still look Gangsta. I don’t know what it is about him that makes me Wet and Horny LOL JK hahaha

From his sexy smooth Bald head, Gangsta Bandana, Inked up Tattoos, and his beautiful Muscular Body! Ooohhhweee! I need a Thug in my Life!!! Hahahha




“So I’m solo and so broke
Savin up for some Jordan’s, cause they dope
I got a girl and I love her but she broke too, and so am I
I can’t take her to the place she wanna go to
So we argue and play fight, all day and night
Makin passionate love ’til the daylight
Plus we about to get evicted, can’t pay the rent
Guess it’s time to see who really is yo’ friend
Tell me you pregnant and I’m amazed
So many blessings while we stressin
Lookin for them better dayz”

-2pac {Better Dayz}


I have so many  FAVORITES Songs that it’s hard to just choose one… But “Better Dayz” defiantly  is on the Top of the List. Growing up listening to 2pac, he motivated me in ways no man has. His words, poems, and lyrics is so deep and meaningful. You can feel his soul and passion when he performs and this is the reason why I appreciate GOOD MUSIC…



“Keep ya head up, oooo child things are gonna get easier
ooooo child things are gonna get brighter…”

-2pac {Keep Ya Head Up}



I’m down for you so ride with me
My enemies your enemies
Cause you ain’t ever had a friend like me
Nobody knows where we’ll be
My Enemies your enemies
Cause you ain’t never had a friend like me”

-2pac {Never Had a Friend Like Me}