UPDATE & Pink Hello Kitty Lips!

I know I have really been slackin on Blogging and Uploading my Videos, but I promise you guys that they are coming! I just haven’t had time to actually sit down at the computer and to edit them all yet but STAY TUNE!!! I don’t have my hair shaved this time because by Barber just had a Baby Girl and been out of the Shop for awhile… SHOUT OUT & CONGRATS TO TYLER!!!



I truly appreciate all my Viewers on YouTube, Followers on Twitter, & Friends on my Facebook for all the Love & Support! All of your positive comments have me feeling so blessed that I can touch so many people. Thank you for motivating me to peruse my Dream & to always Do Me [[♥]]



YSL Rouge Pur Couture -

#26 Rose Libertin Pur Couture - 3.8g/0.13oz

This luminous satin texture is presented in a sophisticated golden case for the ultimate in luxury. SPF 15 protects the lips while hydrospheres and natural extracts provide all-day comfort and hydration. I got this about 4 months ago at Sephora for $30 and I LOVE everything about it! I know $30 is a lot of money to spend on a Lil Lipstick... but I think Hey! Why not you only live once! ^_^ Just throw it in the BAG! hahaha


Lip Conditioner SPF 15

MAC Hello Kitty Limited Collection

Tinted Lip Condition {TLC} SPF 15

"Pink Fish"


I got this at Nordstrom's MAC Counter when they HAD the Hello Kitty Limited Make-Up Collection. This was one of the present my Man bought for me for my 21st Birthday Present and I am so glad I have it!!! You can't find these ANYWHERE! I don't remember exactly how much I paid for this because it was almost 3 years ago but it was $$...  The reason why I LOVE IT is that it's Pigmented and Glossy! For those of you that love lip products with SPF, MAC's TLC delivers in that aspect!!!