Top 5 Christmas Gifts your Girlfriend is Dying to Have!!!

La Mer Moisturizing CreamThis works wonders!!! I use to have extreme break outs all over my face and ever since I started using this, all my blemishes cleared up! My skin is addicted to this because it leaves it feeling healthy and not oily!


Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ perfume!It delivers a fabulous floral explosion of fragrance that has the power to make everything more positive! My man recently got me this as a gift and I freakin LOVE it! Even though it’s pretty $$ but One Spray will last all day! Personally I think this bottle shape is a Plus because I wanna Catch a Grenade for ya! hahahaha AND it’s the Cutest Grenade I’ve ever seen!


iPad 2 - It’s honestly the Best Gift I have ever gotten! My man bought us both the  first version when it came out and since then I can say I’ve gotten my money’s worth!  Naomi has officially high jacked mine and has HER OWN IPAD! LOL So finally upgraded and got the NEWEST IPAD 2!! It’s so Crazy how Amazing these technology are now a days!  APPLE HAS CANGED MY LIFE! That Steve Job was a Genius! “The World at your Fingertips!”


UGG BOOTS!!!!! You can never have too many Ugg’s! I just want to collect them all! Since I live in a city that always rains I want to keep myself warm for the weather!  They’re so comfy you can just slip them right on and off! Plus they look great with EVERYTHING!

UGG classic Fox’s hair snow boots 1984-Chestnut

“It’s like Heaven for your Feet!”



Last but not least…. A STRIPPER POLE!Every girl needs to own her own stripper pole in her house! LOL! Forget the traditional cheesy Naughty Mrs. Santa Clause outfit… Here’s a special way  to thank her for being the most AWESOME Girlfriend EVER! ^_^ Plus it’s a great Work-Out for both of you ;) hahaha

“New Year’s Resolution – Learn to Pole Dance!”