Date Night at Sinju Sushi Restaurant & EASY NYE Nails Tutorial

My Sushi Boat looks so Lovely!!!!
When my man and I have our Date Nights, we usually like to EAT GOOD! So we stopped by Sinju at Clackamas for a bite to eat. My eyes were more hunger than my stomach but we managed to kill the whole thing!
hahaha I swear I can eat Sushi everyday! (MAN I have expensive taste!)
Japanese Sushi at it’s Finest! 
I like my sushi RAW!!! ^_^ My favorite ones are the Flying Fish Roe with a Quail Egg
It’s not for everyone… but I think it’s DELICIOUS! ^_^
If you are new with Sushi I recommend you trying the California Roll or the Unagi Egg! They’re always good choices!
Meet Our Japanese Sushi Chef… Jim!
He was absolutely wonderful! You could feel his sense of kindness and his gentleness by his every move!
Thank you so much and you truly did an amazing job!
Tips when Sitting at the Sushi Bar:All sushi bars have a sushi and sashimi menu that you fill out yourself. If you’re not sure what to order, ask the chef for his recommendations.  This gives the chef an opportunity to show off both his fish and his talents.You may offer a beer or sake to your sushi chef, but he doesn’t expect it. If you have a drink with him, he may toast you with Kampai! (To your health!)
After we sunken all the sushi down into our tummies, this was a very nice Treat Surprised from Jim!
I love eating fruits after meals! It’s an Asian Tradition to cleanse your mouth with something
Sweet and JUICY! It just makes you feel so much happier and healthier!
Lol Here’s my Crazy Lil Monster before heading over to her God-Parents House for Some Prime Ribs!!!
I swear she’s growing up too fast!!!
(Thanks Auntie Theary & Uncle Chinh for my Christmas Present Outfit!!! I’m wearing it already!!! I Love You Chi Lee-ah & JoJo)

 The Vy Family sure knows how to throw it down for dinner!!

Nothing beats a Home-Cooked Prime Rib FEAST with Wine & Laughter!

I can’t wait until NYE to partttttyyyyyy now!!!!!!!!!!


“If the family were a boat, it would be a canoe that makes no progress unless everyone paddles.”


I just did a quick polish change to get ready to bring in the New Year!! I went to Ulta Beauty Supply Store and they had a huge sale on their nail polishes! 2 for $4.99 (originally $6 each) HOLLA!!! Here’s the Duo Set I picked out!
“High Roller”
Step 1. Apply Base Coat
Step 2. Add 2 layers of Ulta “High Roller”
Step 3. Top off with Ulta “Tink- Her-Bell” for some Glitter FUN!
 Step 4. Gloss it off with some Top Coat to make it last LONGER


I hope you guys all have a Safe New Year’s Eve!!! ^_^ Don’t Drink & Drive! Drink & Flyyyy instead! hahahaha [[♥]]