Life Needs Frostin

What the heck am I doing up at 1AM?! Lol eating a Cinnabon Carmel Pecan Cinnamon Roll!!!! #Yum Great way to end my birthday diet! Lol My cousin Victoria also tempts me with her Delicious Cinna-Buns!! Total Satisfaction!!!! It tastes extra sweet right now!!! Cuz when Friday comes we fasting for Lent!!!!!! ^_^

My daughter Naomi is so funny she cracks me up on a daily!! She wanted to give mommy a foot massage to make me happy!! Bless her poor heart!!! She’s my little diva in training because She told me it was her turn now!!! #ManiPediTime


Lol the only thing I forgot to add on My Birthday Wish List was this crazy Full Body Massager Chair from Brookestone! Yesterday My Personal Stylist / cousin Eliza kidnap me to the mall so I can get some Mommy-Free time! Talk about Ballin on a Budget!! I was in heaven!!! I felt like I was going on a Roller Coaster Ride or a Rocketship!!! #LiftOff I swear I rode that ride 5 times because I did not get up for nothing for at least 20minutes!! I always make sure I stop at Brookestone before I start/end my shopping trip at the mall!! I came home Positive & Calm!! ^_^ No wonder it’s $3,495 now on sale for $2,199 at Brookestone!!!!!! #Holla

Best Free Spa Day Ever!!!!









What To Wear Today – Your Personal Style Guide

I love love being a Personal Stylist! You get to express your personality through the clothes you wear everyday! I’ve always love dressing up and playing with accessories and being GLAMOURS! Why not try colorful pants on! You might like it! Or how about adding a belt with that dress to give you more of a figure and shape!! & Please Don’t ever be scared to show your sexy side! ^_^ That just makes you YOU! (lol notice I didn’t say SLUTY; I said SEXY!)

Hand Bags are a GREAT WAY to Accessorize! Investing in a Quality Lasting Bag is a MUST for any Girl!

I’ve been Rocking the NUDE color purses because it just goes with EVERYTHING! You can dress it up or down and you’ll still look elegant & classy!


If you all know me, I’m a FREAK about my nails! I’ve always been the one to try new and colorful nail polish and I decided to share some of my favorite inspired Nail Ideas with you guys! This was my Valentine’s Look I forgot to post up! There’s no better way to express your personal style through your NAILS! It’s always a blank canvas to paint or draw what ever designs you feel like! Go head, go CRAZY! 

OMG Look at this cute PiNK Mace Gun I found online!! hahaha WATCH OUT NOW! LOL

I just came back from Vegas not too long ago and I Love the FASHION that Vegas has to offer! This is my NEW Look for SPRING 2012! & I hope you guys all like it!

FASHION is always about WORKING with what you got & not playing it safe.

This is what I always tell everyone when I’m shopping with them… “JUST TRY IT ON!”

 We went to Clackamas Town Center Mall yesterday and this was our Outfit of the Day! My Niece Vanessa is the best Sushi / Shopping BUDDY ever! We had Dinner at Sinju Sushi and it was 50% off on their sushi so we went a lil nuts! lol It was SUPER BOMB! I can’t believe we managed to devour that whole BOAT! #YUM 

Naomi says “Look Mommy NO HANDS!”

I had to go pick up a Brand New pair of Red Toms for niece Alyssa because I totally high jacked hers when I was in Vegas and I ended up puking on hers from partying too hard! (hahahha oops my bad! >.<) This is the best present a kid can get because these TOMS are sooooo in STYLE right now! Every where I go, I see everyone wearing TOMS! It’s a great way to splurge on comfortable shoes without feeling guilty! [[♥]]