[Song Of The Day] Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Playy – “Work It Man”



"Every good woman needs a man,
I'm a good woman, and he know that
Can you make me your 9 to 5, please?
Never take an off day from me!
In this grey day he get that,
When it's my time, he spend that!
Ain't no other place he rather be
Than putting over time in with me!"

My Big Sister DiDi just gave me Kelly Rowland's New Album "Here I Am" and I'm in LOVE with this CD!!!!!! When we were kids, there were perks growing up with her because she always has great taste in music, style, & make-up. She inspires me everyday to Shop Smart and to always find Good-Buys! She's the best person to go Shopping with because she has a great eye and will keep it real with you and say if your ass looks too fat in them jeans or if it's a HELL NO and I can probably find a coupon for that! lol We use to play pretend that we were Spice Girls and Destiny's Child and perform in front of the TV all the time! HAHA ^_^ Now we're grown up living our own lives but that doesn't mean we're grown apart. I love you BIG SIS! You really make me HUMBLE myself by keeping me in check! This song is totally on REPEAT!!! WORK IT MAN!!!!!
[[♥]] -XO Julie aka Dookie

"All The baggage he got now is cuz of my past,
and he ain't scared to carry it all!
He's a work it man, work it man, work it man
Work It man!
If he's to good to claim you
Here's what you do,
Tell him you don't need him at all
get a work it man, work it man,
Work it man, work it man"