FAVE 5 Kardashian Kolor – Nicole by OPI

I just got back from dropping Naomi off at her Early Pre-School just in time for her class lunch with her friends. Today’s Menu: Chilli, Mixed Berries & Cheesy Toast! (Dang I swear my 2 year old be eating better than me at her school!)

My cousin Eliza stopped by after class and we were both starving our brains out. We walked over to Nong’s Khao Man Gai Food Cart by PSU to grab us some quick TO-GO’s. What’s great about this Food Cart in particular is that they’re Gluten Free and very Eco-Friendly!!!

I ordered the Pork and Rice and it was delicious!!!!!! They only have couple of dishes and this is one of their Best Sellers! (Khao Kha Muu $6.50): Carlton Farm Pork leg braised in cola, cocoa powder, shiitake mushrooms Thai and Chinese herbs and spices. Serve on jasmine rice with pickled Thai chili sauce, pickled mustard greens and boiled egg

I made sure I ordered the Chicken and Rice for Philly because this is his favorite. Once Nong’s Food cart is out of chicken, they’re completely OUT for the whole day. It’s a Get it while it’s Good kinda thing so make sure you get there in time! (Khao Man Gai $6.50): Poached, organic chicken with rice simmer in poultry stock and Thai herbs, served with sauce of fermented soybeans, ginger, garlic, thai chilies, vinegar, house made syrup and soy sauce. Garnished with cucumbers and cilantro, and accompanied by a light soup

This was Eliza’s first time and she ordered the Thai Basketball Mom’s Wings (Peek Gai Nam Daeng $6.50): Organic chicken wings braised in house made tomato, sriracha, Chinese whisky, garlic and shallot sauce, served along side jasmine rice (mildly spicy)

If you guys haven’t had the chance to experience our local Food Carts in Downtown Portland yet I highly suggest you try Nong’s FIRST! It’s HEALTHY and taste just like how my mama would make it at home!



After being completely FULL & Satisfied,  and all caught up the Bad Girls Club & the Reunion, we decided to pamper ourselves by going straight downstairs to the Happy Feet Nail & Spa in my building. I got to pop another one of Eliza’s cherrie because this was her first time getting Shellac too! Ever since we were little we played Barbies and painted our nails together, so naturally it was my duty to introduce her to the dark side.  She’s going to Las Vegas this weekend with her BFF Hang for their Early Grad/B-Days present to each other, and what better way to kick off your vacation than with a Shellac Manicure! Red has always been my cousin’s favorite color since the day she was born so it wasn’t a surprise when she picked out the Red Lipstick color on the nail wheel.


Me on the other hand, picked out #8 The Brightest Neon Hot Pink I could find to let everyone know that it’s “BARBIE B*TCH!” hahaha j/k! ^_^ We even got to use the HOT WAX to Dip our Hands in get it nice and soft! (Because my fingers were CRACKY & ASHY!) What I love most about this nail salon is that they’re 100% dedicated to keep their spa environment clean and free of fume or odor and practice sanitary services on all clients!!

Shellac Manicure (35 minutes) Enhance the longer lasting of your polish up to 3 weeks without chipping. This manicure not only takes good care of your nails and skin, but also perfect for your daily color wear without the use of acrylics appli-cation. ($10 extra added to Regular/Deluxe manicure)

NOW THROUGH MOTHER’S DAY ONLY mention that JulieMissJuicy told you guys about the Grand Opening Special and receive 30% OFF your entire Spa Service TODAY!!! Ask about their Birthday & Student Discount! Call & make your Appointment now (503) 265-8017



Remember you don’t have to go to the Nail Salon to get Salon Nails! I’m a big DIY (Do it Yourself) girl that loves to buy pretty nail polishes and collect them in my tub full of KOLORS! The Kardashian’s has made a huge splash in the Nail industry and now released their own Nail Polish Line called Nicole by OPI! Here are my TOP 5 Kolors for Spring! You can purchase all these Nail Polishes  >>HERE<<


(Light Baby Pink)
(Bright Hot Pink)
Very Red
Dark Blue/Green Creme
Blue/ Turquoise / Green Glitter


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Any time you’re feeling stress, sad, or not feeling like yourself, try painting your nails with these amazing colors! It will give you a boost of color and make your world a brighter place! Or if you’ve been having one of those weeks, go pamper yourself to Spa Pedicure! There’s nothing like releasing all your stress away to a Stranger while they are rubbing your feet!! It’s the ultimate Problem Solver to any tired and over-worked, Super Mommy!


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