Vegas Part I – “Happy Birthday Month Mommy!”


Sorry everyone that it has taken me so long to upload this video on my blog! Ahhh! I have more coming I swear! lol I’m still HUNGOVER from my Vegas trip! ^_^ Plus Naomi has totally man handled me into playing with her allllll DAY! So here it is! I hope you guys like it!

This trip Daddy and I stayed at the Wynn Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada!! This was our first time here because usually we’re over at The Palazzo/Venetian Hotel. But since it was my BIRTHDAY I chose the Wynn since it has my Last Name on it! LOL They’re known for their NEW Night Club Surrender & XS!!!!! Mr. Wynn was so successful he opened up a second Casino Encore next door for his Wifey! AWWW How Sweet of him!!! ^_^

Over all I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE WYNN! They treated us like Royalties and I can’t thank the Staff at the Wynn enough for accommodating us with so much Free FOOD!!!!!! XOXOX [[♥]] Julie