Fall in Love with What You Do

Diane von Furstenberg Women’s New Jeanne Two Wrap Dress

It’s hard to believe in yourself. It’s terrifying to try. We’re all scared of what it will feel like if we try and fail, but when we do that, we’re ignoring just how great it will be if we try and succeed. Not even succeed all the way, just advance, progress, and make our lives better than they were before. Little successes like that are what pride is built out of.

They’re also what big successes are built out of. If you are relentless in your pursuit of your goals, your successes will add up. They’ll outnumber your failtures, and they’ll start turning into something that looks like a big success. Human will is an awesome force: it’s changed the course of rivers, ended empires, and sent human beings to the moon. If humans can collectively do such awesome things, just think about what you could do if you actually committed to trying instead of wasting your time doubting.

Readiness is composed of the structures you use to build your life. It’s rhythms, habits, and awarenesses that allow you to maximize opportunities.

You want to start working out every day? Know yourself, know when you are most likely to work out, know when you’re most likely to crap out and be lazy, and be honest and it. Know what your goal is. Give yourself a concrete objective: I have to work out four times a week. I will lose twenty pounds. I’m join to make sure every desk clerk at this gym knows me by name. When you know where you’re going it’s easier to get there.

Find ways to love working out. Play music; make friends; flirt; don’t use the machine you think you’re suppose to use, use the one that makes you happiest. Any working out is better than no working out, and if you give yourself a positive feedback loop, you’re going to create better habits. And stay positive, remind yourself constantly how achievable your goal is, and seek out situations that will help you on your path. Luck isn’t random chance; it’s work.


Julie’s Top Makeup Picks-  BECCA Cosmetics 



Beautiful Fashion Makeup & Hairstyle to Meet the Parents

Blake Lively from Gossip Girl is my number one highly Requested

Makeup & Hair from my Clients.

Her “girl next door” charming looks attracts everyone on and off the red carpet.

I’m in love with her nude open toe Louboutins heels.



Another Fashionista that open doors for a lot of young women to be creative with their style is…

Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls.

She is one of the Sexiest Women in the World

Her exotic looks and her glowing bronze skin is what makes men and women desire to get close to her.

Here’s some great tips on how you can get Nicole Scherzinger great Looks…

Define your eyebrows, they’re the most important features that frames your face.

Get your eyebrows shaped. Nicole tends to have medium to thin eyebrows with a narrow arch.

Find your right shade of dark brown and NOT BLACK

 Accessories Your Look!

Don’t forget to Decorate your ears with big Earrings

 Hoop earrings are a great choice for a fun young feel to any look.

Glamours N’ Girly!


Try getting a Mystic Spray Tan to hide your Snow White skin.

Disguise your flaws with a nice warm tan

A Tropical Look without leaving the Country.

The style of Nicole’s hair is simply long layers.

Her long beautiful curls adds tons of Full Volume and perfect waves of super long black flowing hair.

If your hair doesn’t grow fast, try using hair extensions  

You can get the length you want without the wait.

  After coloring my hair for years, and now blow drying and flat ironing my hair everyday for the last month,  I noticed my hair was starting to look damaged. Skeptical that these products even worked, I searched for a brand that got a lot of good reviews, no matter the cost. I was pleasantly surprised to find this product, and so inexpensive! This heat protectant does work, it smells good before and after using heat, and it left my hair soft and feeling better then when I started! I highly recommend it! Stock up Now on Hair Products!!

Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray By JOHN FRIEDA, 6 Ounce

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm, Hold Hair Spray, 12 oz

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