Girl’s Spa Day / PDX Bad Girl’s Club

“My name is Julie, I’m so very

Fly oh my, it’s a little bit scary
Boys wanna marry, looking at my deri
Aye, you can stare, but if you touch it, then I’ma bury”

-Keri Hilson {Pretty Girl Rock}


Who’s the Baddest Bitch? hahahha ^_^ The Oxygen Network got nothin on me! LOL JK



After getting my hair done I decided to do a Spa Day with my Girls!

{Me & Em}





This is a brand new Spa that just open in the Pearl for a couple of months! Right when I walked in I felt completely relax.

They specialize in Full Service Spa from Acrylics, Solars, Gel, Pedicures, Wax, Tint Brows & Lashes, and Eyelash Extensions!

I love their  High quality products from different Therapy Armoma and Lotions have me feeling like Butter!

Plus they have a variety of top of the line Nail Color Polishes {OPI & China Glazed} & The Selection of Shellac Colors are exceptional.



MANI / PEDI TIME!!!! oohhhweee their Massaging Chairs are BOMB!!!

Another thing I love about this place is COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGES! ^_^ FREE Wine, Cofee, Soft Drink, & Water!

Lavande’s Pedicure $33


“Relax and enjoy the aromatic essences of a warm foot bath with soothing aqua therapy sea salt, body polish citrus scrubs and a mint clay mask hot towel wraps. Nails trim, cuticle remove, callous treatments, and luxurious foot massage technique increases circulation and leaves your feet feeling wonderfully revived. The final touch – the color of your choice.”




Lavande’s Manicure $18 (Shellac Polish +$10)

“This signature manicure includes citrus exfoliant, cucumber masque & hot towel wraps. The nails will be trimmed and shape, push/nip cuticles, nails buffing, followed by a loving massage with our tropical pineapple mango body creme.”



“Pretty as a picture sweeter than a swisher
Mad ’cause I’m cuter than the girl that is with ya
I can talk about it ’cause I know that I’m pretty”


[ Shelley, Miss Juicy, & Em ]

“There’s a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up and I drink to that

I drink to that!”

-Rihanna {Cheers}



It’s the Shell’s & Jewel’s Show! hahahaha



[ Qube Ultra Lounge ]


[ Kalong, Miss Juicy, Shelley, Anny, & Em ]


“My chick Bad
My chick Hood
My chick do stuff dat ya chick wish she could!”

-Ludacris {My Chick Bad}



One of the BEST Saturdays I had in awhile with My Girls!!



End of Summer Outings Downtown Life


Sunday Night Downtown Portland at the Barrel Room

[ Shelley, Em, Me, Chi Linda, & Anny ]


It was actually Crackin on a Sunday Night!! It was a super last minute idea and I can’t believe everyone showed up! Lol! Great way to do share an Unexpected & Lovely Event! Lol


[ Anny, Me, & Em ]


All these Girls have always kept it 100. I’m so thankful I have you beautiful ladies in my Life.


Night Out on the Town!!  Time to Go Dancing!

One too many Jäger Bombs for me! LOL


“I love my Bitches I love my Bitches

All my Bitches who ’bout their Riches

Diamonds on their Wrist; pose for the Pictures

Hairs & Nails did and their Heels so Vicious”

-Trina {My Bitches}

{Blurry But I Still LOVE IT!}

Miss Anny & Miss Juicy

[ Em, Jen, Me, Shelley, Anny, & Fay ]

I’m So Fadeddddd lol


Wednesday Night Happy Hour at Portland City Grill

[ Fay, Anny, & Me ]

Portland City Grill 30th Floor ^_^

Girls Night!!!!!!

[ Fay, Anny, Me, Shelley, Jennifer, Victoria, & Em ]

Take 2 hahaha


{ Portland City Grill Bathroom Pic }


Ended Our Girl’s Night off with Voodoo’s Donut!


LOL Naomi wanted to say Hi! hahahaha