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Our Friday Date Night… alone at last!!!! A Taste of Paris! 

This is one of our favorite French Restaurants in Downtown Portland! I always get excited when I get to eat here! YUM! After shopping for my Man all day, we decided to treat ourselves for a nice sit down dinner. I felt so FREE being able to eat in peace with just the two of us! hahaha Mama has expensive taste!

We ordered the Steak Frites

8 oz Flat Iron Steak, Braised Shallots,
Fine Herbs, Maître d’Hotel Butter 


Seafood Plateau
Oysters, Manila Clams, Shrimp, Mussels, Fresh Crab
For two-four people   $36

After Dinner, Philly and I stopped by my Cousin’s birthday at the Strip Club, but as soon as we got there everyone was leaving! >.< So we all migrated over to 108 Bar instead! I had so much fun getting faded with everyone!!! HENNY BABY ALL DAY! We played some Pool (which of course I ALWAYS LOSE! *boo*) and I got to shake my Groove Thang with my girls on the dance floor! hahaha You know I had to bust out my Dougie!!!

“It’s not where you’re at, it’s who you’re with!”

I did my Sister Thao’s Make-Up last Saturday for a Charity Event she attended! It was for the Children’s Cancer Fundraiser and they all look amazingly beautiful! Feather Eye Lashes & Red Lips are always FUN!!!!

 I hope you guys like my Keepin It Real Video and My Fun Crazy Weekend!!! LOL I can’t wait for next weekend!!!!! [[♥]]