BLOG OF THE WEEK – THE GAME & My Main Bitch (Dedicated to Thuy)



“If you can’t handle being Hated On; you will never be able to stand in the spotlight.”


It seems like no matter where I go in life; there will always be HATERS creeping and lurking behind me. They will follow my every move and talk SHIT about ME like it’s the new HIP TREND, when Bitch I’m getting money, and that will always be in Style. Their Conversations will never phase me at this point, because they no longer matter. My head is in the Game and I’m too focus on getting ahead; that I really don’t care what the next bitch is doing.


“People who are getting things Done; Doesn’t worry about what Others are doing… that’s a HATER’S JOB!”


If people talk behind your back; it’s because you’re ahead of them. It’s like I’ve been training for the Olympics my whole Life. I’mma go HARD and to continue to Lap these other Bitches over and over again… I’mma Stay in my Own Lane and go FULL SPEED  and earn my Gold Medal (while still reppin for my city).



“Quality over Quantity”


Out of 100 bitches I met in my Lifetime; I found  ONE Real Down Ass Bitch. I will take my Main Bitch over a Million bitches any day. She keeps me grounded; and held me down when no one was there. She’s the only one that cares to call, text, & SKYPE me on a DAILY. We’re more than BFF’s we’re each other’s Soul Mate. (Yeah, I know I sound super HOMO right now, but Thugs need LOVE too lol) The thing I love most about her is that she LISTENS to me and never judges me. Even though we live in 2 different Worlds; we speak the same Language…

[YES HOMO I KNOW- there's nothing we wouldn't do for each other]


“The same people who Hate me; are the same people who Never Helped me… so why should I care?”


Being a Female; we need other Females Support too. We can’t do it alone; we’re all in the same boat. We need to start helping each other… That’s why I don’t understand when other Bitches have to go Degrade other Females to make them feel better about themselves… Hate depreciates YOUR value, not theirs.


[ I Scratch Your Back; You Scratch Mine! ]


“If you don’t know your own worth and value, don’t expect someone else to calculate it for you.”


Personally I will never HATE on another Person just because they’re Prettier or Richer than me...  (But BITCH if you’re fucking with my money or my TEAM I will curb stomp the shit out of you and leave my Heel in the back of your head!) BUT!!! If I’m Your Friend and you’re riding with me, I want to see you come up too. I want all my Bitches Strong and to be BOSS Bitches! So know if I’m Speaking to you it’s to Better Yourself and I mean WELL with Good Intentions. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.


I’m really Blessed to have her in my Life!

“We don’t Lose Friends; We Learn who our Real ones are.”


I really do pick and choose my friends wisely. You’re either In or OUT of my Life for a reason. If you’re really down for me; then I will do everything in my powers to help you succeed. To be a Baller and to really be doing it, everyone around you should be eating…

EXAMPLE: On a Basketball Team; you will have a Leading Shooting Point Guard,  Players on Defense,  Players on the Bench and most important the Head Coach… but in the end we’re ALL on the SAME Team. I win; WE WIN. We all have our Roles & Positions to Play… AND DAMNNNN  WE MADE IT IN THE PLAYOFFS! (I Still got Love for my Blazers)


Naomi’s 1st Birthday with my Main Bitch

“You can often tell how far your life & career will go based on the 5 people you spend the most time with.”


TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAMS WORK BABY - You’re going to need a SOLID TEAM to really make it. It’s a constant Fight and it’s only Round 1 in the Ring…. Who will be in your Corner routing and cheering you on til the end? You’re going to need a Real Down Ass Bitch to help you clean your cuts and bruises and to Keep Motivating until you’re holding that Heavy Weight Champion Belt over your head… It will be all Worth it, please believe!



“Don’t call it a Come Back!”

-LL COOL J   {Mama Said Knock You Out}