Black Smokey Eyeshadow & Nicki Minaj Barbie Pink Lips Tutorial


“Never let Success get to your Head; Never let Failure get to your Heart”



  • Smashbox – Smokesbox Palette $34
  • Kat Von D – True Romance Eyeshadow Palette Ludwig $34
  • MAC 222 Brush $29
  • Rock & Republic Pencil Brush (THANKS  to my SIS DIANA!!)
  • Sephora Blue I.T. Blending Brush $24
  • Crease Brush Target $3


“[LADIES] Your Body makes you Sexy; Your Face makes you Pretty; and Your Mind makes You BEAUTIFUL”





  • YSL Black Mascara False Lash Effect $30
  • M.O.D.E.L No 21 False Lashes I got from Vietnam
  • Make Up For Ever  Eyelashes Strip GLUE $15




  • YSL Lip Liner #6 $28
  • NARS Pink Roman Holiday $24
  • Tarina Tarantino Carousel $19


“Insecurities are the only thing that Stops you from Out Shinning your True Beauty.

Once you can Love Yourself; Everyone will too!”



False Eyelashes Tutorial





“Wearing False Eyelashes can dress up ANY outfit!”

I’m using the M.O.D.E.L. 21 False Eyelashes #18



  • Take your Time and Be Patient!
  • Keep practicing! It will get easier!
  • Use Tweezer for better placement
  • Always put on Lashes AFTER you put on your Eye Makeup
  • Measure to your Eye and cut with a Scissor
  • If you mess up, NEVER take it off to redo it.
  • Use BLACK EYELINER to cover up any Mistakes / Gaps
  • Blend your Real & False lashes together with Mascara (optional: curl your lashes)
  • You can Double your lashes up for a more FULLER effect
  • Gently wash your Lashes with Make-Up Remover to Reuse them!


I got this box from Vietnam but you can order them on eBay!



False Eyelashes Opens your Eyes and make them appear BIGGER



With Make-up or No make up; Wearing False Lashes makes you Look GLAM



It’s FUN playing with all Different kind of Lashes!


Your eyes will look Beautiful in ANY pair!

Another one of my FAVE pairs that I wear A LOT! For a more DRAMATIC DOLL EYE

Ballet #kiki



Do you wear Lashes?

What’s YOUR FAVORITE PAIR to wear?

What are your TIPS to putting them on?