Downtown Portland The Nines Hotel – Departure NYE 2013



Black Sequin BCBG Dress

Charlotte Rusee Trench Coat

Louboutin Black Ankle Boots


I had such a awesome time at The Nines Hotel!

I say it was a success because no one ended up in the ER or in jail.

The best part was kissing my man at midnight and being with my best friends!


When we first go there I bumped into my cousin Hang at the elevators and then

 met up with Joanne Dang and her beautiful family at their VIP table! They go HARD!


Thuy’s BF Danny and his boys met up with us at Departure for the countdown!


Check out my crazy video of my NYE! Sorry it’s so shaky! I was super duper DRUNK!
We didn’t even make it to FEZ because the boys wanted to go to SYPCE . 

“All I need in my life.. is me and my Girlfriend…” ~Jay Z 


Thank you for having my back after all these years! I love you girl!!!!!

  Heres my mama and Naomi FaceTiming me on my MacBook Air
My family took her on a Road Trip to Super Bounce in Salem
  GRAND OPENING JAN 2nd , 2013

 Here’s me and my niece Aaliyah! 
I love this little girl so much!!!
We always call each other to talk our day and what we’re eating!

Pancake Breakfast Sunny Side up with Bacon Sausage! YUM!!!

Great way to wake up to the New Year!


One of my favorite little spots to go eat at is Little Big Burgers
I order the Cheeseburgers with Bacon and Fries and it just hits the spots!!!

 Started my year watching the new 007 James Bond “SKY FALL” 
He’s such a G in this movie! lol I think I was a Secret Agent in my past life…


I’m going up to the Mountain this weekend for Thuy’s 25th Birthday! 
It’ll be my first time Snow Boarding and I’m super nervous.
Hopefully I’ll come back alive and in one piece.
I’ll try to record some videos of me falling on my butt for you guys! [[♥]]


Good-Bye 2012… Hello 2013 – What to do for NYE

How was everyone’s Christmas 2012?? I’m so Thankful for all the positive people in my Life who makes it Special!

My family spoiled  the crap out of Naomi with tons of clothes, toys and gifts from all her Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, & Cousins!

I never expect to get anything, but when I do, it’s a beautiful surprise! Coolest thing I got was a Zebra Print Snuggie, a Throw Blanket, & A pink diamond bong bowl piece (Thanks Lil Bro), and tons of Gift Cards to Target, Regal Movies, and McCormick & Schmick’s (Thank you Chi Thao)

 I’m always happy kid when I get a Red Envelope filled with Money from my parents! ^_^

My sister Diana is simply the BEST! She gave me another Gold Bracelet to add to my Juicy Collection & Philly a bottle of VSOP Remy Martin Bottle to add to his Liquor Collection.

 I love visiting my Grandma’s house! It’s like going back into time and reliving all my childhood memories. My cousins and I are super close and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them! They’re my piece of Heaven.

One of the present Naomi stole from my family’s White Elephant  this year is a Marshmallow Shooter  Sorry Annabelle & Andy !!!


My baby girl has been practicing and now has perfected her Aim!  *POW*
My girlfriend Rosa came over and we finally got a picture together! The sweetest girl ever!!!
Nothing like WINE NIGHT!  I got my drank in my cup… Mommy’s Grape Juice!
LOL How awesome is this Desk Title Plaque! “Fucker in charge of you fucking fucks”

Let me say this, life is a journey and you have to be ready for whatever Bullshit comes your way and you just gotta fuckin handle it. Know your worth as a human being and only fuck with people who see it too. Keep this in mind on your quest in life…

2012 is almost over and I must admit that it’s been incredible and Life Changing.. I can truly say I stuck to my New Years 2012 Resolution and I did every thing I’ve said I was going to do and more. There’s something you need to know about me… I don’t do revenge. But I do success and happiness and love and confidence, which seem to piss people off equally as much. When you’re reaching your dreams you got a reason to brag. If you’re working your ass off, people will have to respect your hustle.  Every morning I sit in bed and I think about what I would do if I knew I couldn’t fail… then I get up.. and I do it!

What’s your guys plans for NYE? I have a couple of clients booked up for Makeup and Hair and I only have 2 more spots available!

Book your appointments with me before it’s too late!  Look & Feel your Best when the Ball Drops at Midnight!

Me and my girlfriends are going to be Downtown for the Countdown!

Help us bring in the New Year at Departure & FEZ Ballroom!!!!!

On my way to the Castles; Peace to the Crooks! [[♥]] 

New Year Countdown