Cassie’s Haircut “P-Town” / Smokey Eye Tutorial


Portland Stand Up!!! – Rise with Us

Imma always be Holdin’ it Down for my P-Town!!

The City of @~,~~~ Baby!! hahahaha

Coming into the New Year I needed to get my hair looking right, so I called up my barber Tyler to fit me in his busy schedule so I can get nicely cleaned up!


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO TYLER! Thank you so much for always lacing me up the meanest designs!!! You truly have mad skills and I know your Talent is going take you very far in life! I wouldn’t be where I am without you always hooking me up all the time! I deeply appreciate it Tyler and I hope you and your family have a very Blessed New Year! [[♥]]



I knew exactly what I wanted this time, this TOTALLY Represents ME.  This is who I’m bringing into the New Year with, and FOREVER BE. Born & Raised in My City, My Town, and My Home. Portland 4 Life! lol ^_^


I was inspired to do a “Smokey Black Eye Tutorial” after I did this look for my NYE! I had so much fun playing with my New Nordstrom’s Eyeshadow Pallette Set that I got for only $20!!!  I hope you all like it!


My New Year’s Resolution is to upload more Make-Up Tutorials for you guys!!! 
ohhh This is soooo FUN to do!!! I love Peacock feathers!!!
[[♥]] Peacock NAILS!!!
“You Pretty Like Cheerleader!” ~ Angela Johnson


I Dream In Color! 
This is CRAZY FUN TO DO!!!!! I’ve always love the Color of the Rainbows but the fun part is adding your own twist!!
All you really need is the right kind of tools!!
NOW ONLY $9.99 {originally $19.99}
If you’re a Beginner! This is perfect for anyone’s Starter Kit! This would be a great present for all your friends!

I will always love you Portland

Leave a Comment tell me what your New Years Resolution is!
If you don’t have one, what do you want to accomplish in One Year?

Cassie’s Hair Design Fall Leaves / “Black Friday” Haul

“People Fall Like Leaves, but Mary will always be my Main Leaf”


I had to go back into Champion’s Barbershop on MLK & Failing and be reunited with my barber Tyler! I always come in with different new ideas for him to do and this is the reason why I never go to anyone else because he understands and gets me! I’ve done so many designs on my head already, that I didn’t know what to do next. I text my P.I.C. and asked her for suggestion and Chi Linda sent me a picture of this and said “This is so YOU! & I support anything that brings you Happiness” LOL I had no idea she was just joking, but I actually thought it would be a great idea! (Please don’t ever dare me to do something, because I am ’bout it ’bout hahaha)

So as I sat down in Tyler’s chair and I handed him the picture of the Marijuana Cannabis Leaf off my iPhone, and he clicked his buzzer on and started putting in work on my head! hahaha I already know… I’m a fool for this one ^_^



Today my little cousin Lilly came over for our Weekly Fridays Sessions and to help me start on our Winter Christmas Shopping List. I wasn’t able to go shopping for this year’s Black Friday because I was really sick and was in bed all weekend! I was so thrilled to get out and splurge! (I heard it wasn’t all that great on deals for last week Black Friday. On the real, I think it’s all a marketing / advertisement scam LOL plus who needs just one day to “save by shopping for sales” when I find way better deals throughout the year!) Since we’ve been to Portland LLoyd Center & Clackamas Mall so many times and I can never find anything, I decided to go hit up Washington Square Mall!!! Ohhh man it was so much fun!!! They have a much wider selection on stores and clothes to go look at!!!

My Mission: Winter Gear for Naomi & Naomi’s Secret Santa

As a mother now, I always put my daugher’s need and wants first. I would spead all the money I have in my pocket on her clothes & toys before mine. In fact I spead more money on her than for myself (lol talk about SPOILED). I gotta make sure my Princess stays Sharp and dipped in Swagu too hahaha

One of my favorite stores to buy kids clothes is H&M! Their clothes are always in fashion and affordable for my wallet! It’s hard Not to find something in this store because its for everyone! Women, Men, & Kids clothes are all sold here!

Items I purchased today at H&M

  • Faux Fur Hat - $17.95
  • Winter Brown Wool Scarf - $17.95
  • Girls Accessory Polka Dots Scarf – $9.95
  • Girls Gray & Black 2 Pack Tights - $12.95
  • Red Puppy Long Sleeve (left) - $5 (orig. $9.95)
  • Girl Cream Long Sleeve (right)$17.95

Total = $81.70


Next we stopped into Crazy 8 Children’s Clothes Store and they had a really good sale! I was so happy I found this really cute Puffy Red Jacket perfect for the Holiday Season and warm enough for our Annual Family Christmas Tree Cutting this Sunday!


Items I purchased today at Crazy 8


  • Big Red Puffy Baby Girl Jacket (left) - $22.47 (orig. $44.95)
  • Fall Button up Knitted Sweater (right) - $14.99
  • Pink Cupcake Collection T-shirt (left)$3.99
  • Pink Cupcake Collection Pants (left)- $3.99
  • Brown Cutie Pie Collection Long Sleeve (right) - $6.99
  • Pink Cutie Pie Collection Sweat Pants (right)$17.95
  • White Dress up Tights (right) – $5.50

Total = $65.92



Naomi did such a good job at the mall today I let her go into the Disney Toy Store to play. I don’t know any kid that doesn’t love this Toy Store! I mean it is quiet expensive but it doesn’t hurt to go look! I found this really cute Princess Dining Set 3 for $12!!! Naomi got to choose what she wanted and we bought her a Princess Section Plate, Sippy Cup, and a Place Mat!! I hope this will encourage my baby to eat more! ^_^



After I was done shopping for Naomi’s Winter Gear Mission, I decided to treat myself and go into the Forever 21 Accessory Store! There’s always creative fun things get inspired & to glam up your wardrobe here! I’m really into scarfs this season! It’s a great way to dress up or down any outfit! There’s just so many different styles you can wear with one scarf OR how about layering it up for a dramatic look!

Items I purchased today at Forever 21:

  • 2 Scarves Buy One Get One Free – $4.99
  • Black Hearts Tights - $6.80
  • Navy Blue Nail Polish - $1.50

Total = $13.29



The only thing I got at Sephora today was this beautiful Make – Up Forever Faux Eyelashes for $15

Yes, it’s ridiculous that one pair is $15, but the reason why I buy this particular brand is because I love their eyelash glue that it comes with the kit! It’s worth it to me because I the glue stays on stronger and longer than clear DUO glue that I normally wear.



This was my quick and easy Polk Dot Design we did in less than 5 minutes! I used the Navy Blue Nail Polish and added pink and white Polka Dots with my round end tip! Super fun and playful!! I hope you guys enjoyed my little Christmas Shopping Adventure! Catch me on my next mission! TOODLES!