Cassie’s Hair Design Fall Leaves / “Black Friday” Haul

“People Fall Like Leaves, but Mary will always be my Main Leaf”


I had to go back into Champion’s Barbershop on MLK & Failing and be reunited with my barber Tyler! I always come in with different new ideas for him to do and this is the reason why I never go to anyone else because he understands and gets me! I’ve done so many designs on my head already, that I didn’t know what to do next. I text my P.I.C. and asked her for suggestion and Chi Linda sent me a picture of this and said “This is so YOU! & I support anything that brings you Happiness” LOL I had no idea she was just joking, but I actually thought it would be a great idea! (Please don’t ever dare me to do something, because I am ’bout it ’bout hahaha)

So as I sat down in Tyler’s chair and I handed him the picture of the Marijuana Cannabis Leaf off my iPhone, and he clicked his buzzer on and started putting in work on my head! hahaha I already know… I’m a fool for this one ^_^



Today my little cousin Lilly came over for our Weekly Fridays Sessions and to help me start on our Winter Christmas Shopping List. I wasn’t able to go shopping for this year’s Black Friday because I was really sick and was in bed all weekend! I was so thrilled to get out and splurge! (I heard it wasn’t all that great on deals for last week Black Friday. On the real, I think it’s all a marketing / advertisement scam LOL plus who needs just one day to “save by shopping for sales” when I find way better deals throughout the year!) Since we’ve been to Portland LLoyd Center & Clackamas Mall so many times and I can never find anything, I decided to go hit up Washington Square Mall!!! Ohhh man it was so much fun!!! They have a much wider selection on stores and clothes to go look at!!!

My Mission: Winter Gear for Naomi & Naomi’s Secret Santa

As a mother now, I always put my daugher’s need and wants first. I would spead all the money I have in my pocket on her clothes & toys before mine. In fact I spead more money on her than for myself (lol talk about SPOILED). I gotta make sure my Princess stays Sharp and dipped in Swagu too hahaha

One of my favorite stores to buy kids clothes is H&M! Their clothes are always in fashion and affordable for my wallet! It’s hard Not to find something in this store because its for everyone! Women, Men, & Kids clothes are all sold here!

Items I purchased today at H&M

  • Faux Fur Hat - $17.95
  • Winter Brown Wool Scarf - $17.95
  • Girls Accessory Polka Dots Scarf – $9.95
  • Girls Gray & Black 2 Pack Tights - $12.95
  • Red Puppy Long Sleeve (left) - $5 (orig. $9.95)
  • Girl Cream Long Sleeve (right)$17.95

Total = $81.70


Next we stopped into Crazy 8 Children’s Clothes Store and they had a really good sale! I was so happy I found this really cute Puffy Red Jacket perfect for the Holiday Season and warm enough for our Annual Family Christmas Tree Cutting this Sunday!


Items I purchased today at Crazy 8


  • Big Red Puffy Baby Girl Jacket (left) - $22.47 (orig. $44.95)
  • Fall Button up Knitted Sweater (right) - $14.99
  • Pink Cupcake Collection T-shirt (left)$3.99
  • Pink Cupcake Collection Pants (left)- $3.99
  • Brown Cutie Pie Collection Long Sleeve (right) - $6.99
  • Pink Cutie Pie Collection Sweat Pants (right)$17.95
  • White Dress up Tights (right) – $5.50

Total = $65.92



Naomi did such a good job at the mall today I let her go into the Disney Toy Store to play. I don’t know any kid that doesn’t love this Toy Store! I mean it is quiet expensive but it doesn’t hurt to go look! I found this really cute Princess Dining Set 3 for $12!!! Naomi got to choose what she wanted and we bought her a Princess Section Plate, Sippy Cup, and a Place Mat!! I hope this will encourage my baby to eat more! ^_^



After I was done shopping for Naomi’s Winter Gear Mission, I decided to treat myself and go into the Forever 21 Accessory Store! There’s always creative fun things get inspired & to glam up your wardrobe here! I’m really into scarfs this season! It’s a great way to dress up or down any outfit! There’s just so many different styles you can wear with one scarf OR how about layering it up for a dramatic look!

Items I purchased today at Forever 21:

  • 2 Scarves Buy One Get One Free – $4.99
  • Black Hearts Tights - $6.80
  • Navy Blue Nail Polish - $1.50

Total = $13.29



The only thing I got at Sephora today was this beautiful Make – Up Forever Faux Eyelashes for $15

Yes, it’s ridiculous that one pair is $15, but the reason why I buy this particular brand is because I love their eyelash glue that it comes with the kit! It’s worth it to me because I the glue stays on stronger and longer than clear DUO glue that I normally wear.



This was my quick and easy Polk Dot Design we did in less than 5 minutes! I used the Navy Blue Nail Polish and added pink and white Polka Dots with my round end tip! Super fun and playful!! I hope you guys enjoyed my little Christmas Shopping Adventure! Catch me on my next mission! TOODLES!



JulieMissJuicy’s Winter TOP FAVE 5

So I’m back with another FAVE 5! I decided to make a little Winter Video for you guys with all my Top 5 Favorite things this Season! I hope you guys enjoy it!





I was defiantly inspired by Christmas! I’m using the YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres (5 Colour Harmony for Eyes) – No. 06 Garden of Eden. I bought from Sephora a while back and it offers a variety high pigmented green eyeshadows!


I created this Smokey effect by applying the Lightest to Darkest Green Eyeshadow. I also highlighted under my eyebrows with the Lightest color to make my eye appear much bigger than it already is! To brighten your eyes; add a dab of the same highlighting color to your outter-tear duct, adding more lights to your eyes.



“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.”

-Audrey Hepburn


There’s nothing better than walking into a room filled with the smell of Christmas! When I think of the holidays I think of Candles, and the scent of Gingerbread Cookies! That is the reason why I couldn’t resist purchasing this at Bath & Body Works! Plus it was on sale for $5 (originally $10)


Starbucks Carmel Mocha Frappuccino with whip & Blueberries Muffins!

You don’t have to be a coffee lover to Love Starbucks!  Whenever I’m feeling chilly, I drop by my local Starbucks to get my fix!



“So Bronze”

I recently bought this at the Downtown Ed Wyse Beauty Supply Store and I fell in love with it! I used it on me when I went out on Halloween night! I can not get over how fast and easy it was!! It made my skin look flawless and darkkkk!!! I LOVE SO BRONZE!


Last but not least… My Favorite Nail Polish of the Season is Dark Brown OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!” & OPI Gold Glitter “Only Gold for Me Top Coat


Happy Holiday Everyone!!!