Welcome to My House Party!

I want to take my time out and thank each and everyone of you for making My 24th Birthday Month extra special. It seems like all Good things must come to an end… but these memories will last forever! I really feel so blessed and loved from all my Family and Friends who put so much effort to giving me the BEST BIRTHDAY ever! I truly couldn’t have done it without you guys! You guys make my World go ROUND and I deeply appreciate all the love, support, and gifts that you all have given me. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without my [[♥]] FAM[ILY]




Twilight – Keepin It Real Video

 “I’m Not Anti-Social; I’m Just Anti-Drama”




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Our Friday Date Night… alone at last!!!! A Taste of Paris! 

This is one of our favorite French Restaurants in Downtown Portland! I always get excited when I get to eat here! YUM! After shopping for my Man all day, we decided to treat ourselves for a nice sit down dinner. I felt so FREE being able to eat in peace with just the two of us! hahaha Mama has expensive taste!

We ordered the Steak Frites

8 oz Flat Iron Steak, Braised Shallots,
Fine Herbs, Maître d’Hotel Butter 


Seafood Plateau
Oysters, Manila Clams, Shrimp, Mussels, Fresh Crab
For two-four people   $36

After Dinner, Philly and I stopped by my Cousin’s birthday at the Strip Club, but as soon as we got there everyone was leaving! >.< So we all migrated over to 108 Bar instead! I had so much fun getting faded with everyone!!! HENNY BABY ALL DAY! We played some Pool (which of course I ALWAYS LOSE! *boo*) and I got to shake my Groove Thang with my girls on the dance floor! hahaha You know I had to bust out my Dougie!!!

“It’s not where you’re at, it’s who you’re with!”

I did my Sister Thao’s Make-Up last Saturday for a Charity Event she attended! It was for the Children’s Cancer Fundraiser and they all look amazingly beautiful! Feather Eye Lashes & Red Lips are always FUN!!!!

 I hope you guys like my Keepin It Real Video and My Fun Crazy Weekend!!! LOL I can’t wait for next weekend!!!!! [[♥]]