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Diane von Furstenberg Women’s New Jeanne Two Wrap Dress

It’s hard to believe in yourself. It’s terrifying to try. We’re all scared of what it will feel like if we try and fail, but when we do that, we’re ignoring just how great it will be if we try and succeed. Not even succeed all the way, just advance, progress, and make our lives better than they were before. Little successes like that are what pride is built out of.

They’re also what big successes are built out of. If you are relentless in your pursuit of your goals, your successes will add up. They’ll outnumber your failtures, and they’ll start turning into something that looks like a big success. Human will is an awesome force: it’s changed the course of rivers, ended empires, and sent human beings to the moon. If humans can collectively do such awesome things, just think about what you could do if you actually committed to trying instead of wasting your time doubting.

Readiness is composed of the structures you use to build your life. It’s rhythms, habits, and awarenesses that allow you to maximize opportunities.

You want to start working out every day? Know yourself, know when you are most likely to work out, know when you’re most likely to crap out and be lazy, and be honest and it. Know what your goal is. Give yourself a concrete objective: I have to work out four times a week. I will lose twenty pounds. I’m join to make sure every desk clerk at this gym knows me by name. When you know where you’re going it’s easier to get there.

Find ways to love working out. Play music; make friends; flirt; don’t use the machine you think you’re suppose to use, use the one that makes you happiest. Any working out is better than no working out, and if you give yourself a positive feedback loop, you’re going to create better habits. And stay positive, remind yourself constantly how achievable your goal is, and seek out situations that will help you on your path. Luck isn’t random chance; it’s work.


Julie’s Top Makeup Picks-  BECCA Cosmetics 



Louis Vuitton FASHION – 2012 Summer Look Book


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller



I must tell you that Portland’s weather always inspires me to be FASHION Forward! TODAY’s Highest was 78 degrees F!! It sure feels like Summer Time!! As long as it’s not raining, it’s BEAUTIFUL out!

We didn’t want to waste this gorgeous day so we took Naomi to the Park after we picked her up from Early Pre-School (you should of seen her face when I told her we’re going for Happy Meals!) I love walking around Downtown Portland! Everyone’s Style is so unique and different that it all just MESH and goes so well!


  • One Shoulders Dresses & Rompers are super IN STYLE it’s the perfect way to show a little skin without baring it all.
  • Every girl needs to invest in some cute flats you can dress up or down. (ATTENTION ALL LADIES: PUT YOUR UGGS AWAY & GO GET YOURSELF A PEDI)
  • High Waist Shorts are so flattering on curvy hips!
  • You can’t go wrong with Indigo Blue! It’s beautiful on all skin tones!
  • I love this Turquoise  Clutch => It’s a perfect pop of color to any outfit!
Philly helped me do some major damaged at the Downtown Pioneer Square Louis Vuitton Store. I honestly just went in there to try on this new Scarf that just arrived in this Season, but some how we got carried away and tried on every thing in the place! Naomi must really love me, because I got my Mother’s Day Present early this year! 
Mei Mei was our Service Associate at Louis Vuitton and I swear I felt like this was a scene out of Pretty Women when Richard Gere aka My Man was the one that saw this purse first and told Mei Mei that this is the purse for my lady and asked her if it came in a matching wallet too.
Louis Vuitton ALMA Handbag in the color of “Rouge Grenadine” 
 Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet 
Color: Rouge Grenadine
As if that wasn’t enough, my man spoiled me with a special Personalize Charm that’s been plated and dipped in 24K Gold 60 times! What I love most about this cute accessory is that it’ll help me match with my clothes because it comes with 4 different color shades that has the right color to match with any outfit I’m wearing! The versatile colors are what sold me the minute I laid my eyes on this collection! It’s a great arm candy and makes a powerful statement saying I’m not to be played with ^_^
 I’ve been really working extra hard on my Summer Bikini Body! This right here is my motivation! CHECK OUT THIS BEAUTIFUL Desert Heat Beverly Bandeau Taboo Bikini that will make anyone look like a Mermaid Goddess!
Lately I’ve been so busy helping my Soon To Be Sister – in – Law with her Bachlorette Party I haven’t had time to do much blogging, but If I was the BRIDE TO BE, this would be the dress I would wear! I love custom making my own dresses because it adds more personality!
If you guys don’t know by now, LACE is super in this SUMMER! It gives it a soft and elegant touch to your outfit! Ladies if you haven’t done your Closet Spring Cleaning yet, I highly suggest you do so now! It’s time to revamp up your wardrobe and add some color back into your life! I hope you guys all like my FRIDAY BLOG OF THE WEEK until next time! #ColorMeHappy
XOXO – Julie [[♥]]

“No one know’s how to love you the way you want to loved until you tell them how you should be loved”