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Today was such an Amazing fun full field day!!! I swear I feel like a Tweaker still up right now! Lol This morning when Daddy got up, he told Naomi that our Mission Today was a “Play Day” and we could go anywhere in Portland!!! (Lol Naomi and I loveeee it when Daddy wakes up on the Right Side of the Bed ^_^)

First stop we went to was Playdate PDX which is in the Pearl Downtown. It’s this Huge Play Area for kids and they have a small section for Toodler’s (0-3yrs). Since Naomi is a Toodler’s & Tiaras now (lol jk) it only cost $4 to get in and the Adults are FREE!!!! ^_^ yeahhh buddy!!! What’s great about this place is they serve Healthy Food and Slumptown Coffee!! Lol the Best Part!!! They even serve Wine & Beer!!! #Winning

After 2 hours full of FUN, we managed to drained Naomi out for the long car ride all the way to Bridgport Village to do some Shopping!! I love this Outlet Mall!! We went to Sak’s, Mario’s, & the Apple Store! I was looking for my Birthday Dress (26th!) But since it’s actually My BIRTHDAY MONTH I’m going to be Celebrating it in VEGAS on the 11th – 14th! I’m totally looking forward to Shopping in Vegas! #FUN They have all the tightest shit that you can’t get in Portland! #SteppingUpMyStyle

The best thing about Shopping is… it’s a FREAKIN WORK OUT! lol I always work up an appetite after I hit a couple of shops so then we decided to get some Frozen Yogurt Treats! #YUM ^_^ Right when we got there Naomi kept screaming out “WHITE!!! WHITE ICE CREAM!!!” and the whole place got quiet and looked at my crazy monster begging for the “Vanilla Frozen Yogurt” I made sure to add a couple of blueberries in right next to all her M&M’s LOL 

So now we’re back in the car, stuck in TRAFFIC driving back into town… Naomi is knocked out and I’m singinging along to Bruno Mars on the Radio! Some how in the middle of singing I started craving for Vietnamese Seafood Hot Pot! So we ended up goin to Yen Ha on Sandy! (lol Viet Pride haha) I think today was quite a mission! 

We even stopped by Lloyd Center Mall on the way back Downtown to pick up some more books at Barnes & Nobel! #CurrentlyReading – From the Creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul “Life Lessons for Women” 7 Essential Ingredients for a Balanced Life. Okay Imma go to start reading a couple of pages before I go to sleep now… Toodles my noodles! Catch me on my next Adventure! [[♥]]


Naomi’s Hello Kitty Birthday





“I Love my Daddy & Mommy! They do the most for me!”



Corona Time! LOL Time to get DRUNK!


“I have the BEST Daddy in the WORLD!”



My TRIPLE OG-Grandpas hahaha *CHEERS*


Thank you to both  my beautiful Grandmas for cooking all the food!!



My VY Cousins!!

[Chi SaSa . Chi Amaya . MiMi . Chi Alyssa]



ohhhh CANDYYYY!!!

The Ladies that will FOREVER be in my Life

Our Blood Runs Thick







[Uncle Andy . Mommy . Uncle Long . Baby Ethan . Mimi. Uncle John . Aunt Linda ]


“My Aunties!”

[Bac Linh . Di Kim . O Hang . Bac Lily ]


Co Thuy spoils me ROTTEN lol



awww… Uncle Danny & Co Thuy


ohhh Look at Me!!! hahhaa



Hi Uncle Frank!!! *RAWR*


My Chi SaSa

“I Love my Ong Noi! He taught me how to ride a Big Girl Bike!”



A Million Kisses to my Grandpa



[Uncle John . Di Ly . Uncle Andy ]


[ Godparents . Bac Hai & Bac Si ]



Piñata TIME!!! It’s not a Partyyy unless you have a Piñata!!! haha


okay you hold it right there Uncle Frank!!! lol



Thank you to Cau Duy & Uncle Danny for putting the Piñata up!


Co Thuy, Uncle Tony & Di Vy



“Ay Batter Up!!! hahaha Time to knock it out of the park!”



Baby Ethan’s Turn!!


Go Nicholas!!!


Go Amaya!!!



Em’s Turn!! hahahah



Yayyy It busted!!!! hahaha


“I Love My Di Ly! She always takes care of me!”



(BTW This was the WRONG CAKE! but thank goodness Auntie Thao brought cupcakes and saved the day!!)


Uncle Danny!



Time to Light the Candles!!





“Happy Birthday to ME!!!!”



“I love Licking Frosting!!! YUM!”



“I feel my Sugar Rush kickin’ in!!!”



Waiting patiently to open presents!!


“ohhhh Tu-Tu’s!!! they know me so well!”

“Thank you Di Vy!”

“I’m So Spoiled!!!”

“ohhhhwee!!!! Look what I got!!!”

“It’s my cupcake dress from Di Ly & Uncle Jon!”

“I love my Hello Kitty Vans from Di Ly!!!!”

“ohhh what a PRETTY BIG BOX!!!”

“OMG!!! Thank you Chi SaSa & Auntie Thao for my Beautiful Scrapbook!”

“Thank you Chi Vikki & Kadan for my present!!!”

TOMS from O Hang & Di Kim!”

“Thank you Kissyyyy to O Hang!!!”

“ohhh I’m RICHHHHH!” hahahaha
Thank you Bac Lily, Uncle Kham, Di Kim & Em

“I can’t wait to try on all my NEW CLOTHES!!”

LOL Ohhhh Nicholas!!! ^_^

Uncle Tony bought me a Doggie!!!

ohhhh I wanted a Doggie SO BAD!!! lol THANK YOU!!!

ohhhh I think Nicholas likes the Baby Doll more than I do!

awww.. What a good Big Brother!

“Thank You Bac Si  for my new Baby Doll!! hahaha
You can barrow it anytime to practice being a Daddy! ^_^ “

“I think Bac Hai is ready for a Baby too! hahaha”

“I Love you my God-Father!!”

“ohhh a Flip & Doolde Easel Desk from Uncle Long & Aunt Linda!

I’m so Blessed to have a BIG FAMILY!

The Bui Uncles!!!
Who wants to Rock Band?!

I’m Uncle Danny’s Ballerina!

Chillin with my Main looking through Naomi’s Scrapbook


“My Grandpas’ having their own Rock Band lol”


“Co Thuy! Whats in my Goodie Bag?!”


I think someone’s ready for a NAP! lol

“Thanks for coming to my Hello Kitty Birthday Party!
Hope you guys had fun!!! (lol I can’t wait until NEXT YEAR!)”
-Naomi Vy