JulieMissJuicy’s MIXTAPE VOL 1

One of my many things I love to Blog about is Music and posting up “Song Of The Day” but today I thought I give you guys a little Treat and create a MIXTAPE for you to check out and listen to!
My obsession with Hip Hop & Rap started when I was in 4th Grade when my coolest Uncle Micheal gave me my first Cassette Tape Walkman Player for Christmas. (Shortly after that I upgraded to a CD Player with all my Babysitting money I saved up.) At that time there was no Smart Phones or internet available, and the only way to record music was on my AM/FM Boombox Stereo! Remember how you gotta lean up against the speakers to get the THAT right moment to push “Play” & “Record” down at the exact same time! lol Oh how Technology has come a long way since then! Now there’s iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, Radio Satellite, & iHeartRadio that makes it more convenient & easier for all the Music Lovers & Beat Freaks out there to get their Freak On!

I recently discovered this great music website called 8track.com where you can upload and customize your own playlist! I was always that girl that made all her friends MIX CDS to bump to in their ride when I was in High School, and now I can finally share it with the World what I’m listening to in my headphones.

Here’s 21 Songs that have been On Repeat for 2012 and I hope you guys enjoy it! Leave a Comment and let me know what you guys think! Got any new songs you want me to listen to? Leave me a Suggestion HERE! Be sure to Join My VIP List on your RIGHT >> and be the FIRST one to get all my Newest & Juiciest Updates!


JulieMissJuicy’s MIXTAPE VOL 1 from JulieMissJuicy on 8tracks.

  1. Go Girl – Yo Gotti  (Feat. Big K.R.I.T., Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean)
  2. Beez In The Trap – Nicki Minaj Feat. 2 Chainz
  3. Feel Shit – Honey Cocaine
  4. Talk That Talk – Rhianna Feat. Jay Z
  5. Why I Love You – Jay Z, Kanye West (Ft. Mr. Hudson)
  6. Too Pussy To – Honey Cocaine
  7. Champion – Nicki Minaj Feat. Nas, Drake & Young Jeezy
  8. Wonder Women – Chris Brown Feat. Tyga
  9. Like A Virgin Again – Chris Brown Feat. Tyga
  10. Climax – Usher
  11. Mind Game – Rick Ross Feat. Kelly Rowland
  12. Love Me Not – J. Cole
  13. Make Love – Chris Brown Feat. Tyga
  14. Never Been Part II – Wiz. Feat Amber Rose & Rick Ross
  15. Donald Trump – Mac Miller
  16. Numbers – Logic
  17. 48 Bar Rap – Chris Brown Feat. Tyga
  18. Who Gon Stop Me – Kayne West Feat. Jay Z
  19. She Will – Lil Wayne Feat. Drake
  20. Bag Of Money – Rick Ross Ft. Meek Mill & Wale
  21. Still Got It – Tyga Feat. Drake


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I can’t help it, but every time I go to a club or a lounge, I’m always going back and fourth to the DJ Booth requesting songs for them to play! lol I admit it, the DJ always got me fallin in LOVE in the Club!! When I’m at home, I often fantasize about DJ Pauly D on the Turn Tables while I’m dancing in my underwear! HAHAHA

Another great DJ that’s extremely RAW and talented is DJ Craze! CHECK HIM OUT! He’s about that LIFE! [[♥]]




Cassie’s Hairstyle / Nicki Minaj’s O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

So as you all may know! I’m completely obsessed with Cassie’s Hairstyle! She’s such a Risk Taker and that’s what makes her BEAUTIFUL to me. Fashion is all about “innovating” and “recreating” and what’s more HIGH FASHION than HAIR! This Haircut says I Love Who I Am; and I’m not going to Change for Anyone.” 


“Crazy / Beautiful “

If Whips and Chain don’t Excite you, I don’t know what will!!! Totally Janet Jackson Meets Rhianna!

Cassie has always been on top of her Style Game and that’s the reason why I can never get Bored of this look! No matter what she wears or how she wears it, you know it will be Amazing on her! A lot of people still come up to me and tell me that “I’m BOLD” for wanting my hair like this, but I think it’s “DARING!”



For that Classic Cassie’s Curls Check out My Tutorial on how to Curl your Hair 

Edgy; yet Soft & Seductive 





Hip Hop’s Favorite Ladies 

& Every Man’s Fantasy!

Cassie, Nicki Minaj, & Amber Rose

The Baddest of them ALL!! These Ladies knows what it takes to be an Ultimate Go-Getter!

This was taken in TAO Las Vegas for Nicki’s Big 26th Birthday Bash!!!!

VH1 Should make them the new Love & Hip Hop Wives! 

Today I went to the Beauty Supply Store and picked up Nicki Minaj’s NEW OPI Nail Laquer

“Metallic 4 Life” & “Did it On Em” 

Of course you can’t forget your BASE COAT! I’m using OPI “Nail Strengthen & Harding” to protect my Natural Nails. This is the leading cause of why people’s nails are discolored… It’s because they forget to add a layer of BASE Coat before painting.

HERE’S A TIP! If you don’t have Base Coat, you can always use Top Coat, as long as you pre-coat your Nails it’ll last longer and less damaging on your Natural Nails.

Nicki Minaj’s O.P.I. “Did it on ‘em” 


I panted both of my Ring Fingers “Did it on Em”  just for a little POP! I absolutely love this YELLOW Color!

It only needs 2 Coats and it’s already super COLOR PIGMENTED! Totally reminds me of my “Highlighter Party” back in College lol

OPI Nicki Minaj Mini Lacquer 4-pack

>>ON SALE NOW $12.50 <<

You get 4 Mini Bottles of Nicki Minaj’s Nail Lacquer!!! Perfect for traveling and On The Go!! These Colors are So FUN and Colorful that I know you will get a lot of inspiring and creative ideas to play with!!!

Hurry Now and Go Test them out for yourself!!! 


OPI Nicki Minaj “Metallic 4 Life” 


Then I added 2 layers of “Metallic 4 Life” on the rest of my nails and… BAM!!! I’m feeling like a Rockstar!

Look at this Beautiful Pink Barbie Cake!!! This is how a Birthday Girl should Celebrate!

I can’t wait until My Vegas Trip in 2 weeks!!!!! Nicki Minaj totally inspired me to do it B.I.G. this year for my 24th Birthday! Her Outfits are always Talked About, and her Make-Up Game is always on point! I love this Fashion Icon and I think she’s doing it!


Who got the keys to the jeep?! *beep beep*


“A Star will always find its way to Shine”

My First Rule: Never let em change you. Rule Number Two: Do You to the Fullest! 

It’s been one hell of a crazy start for 2012! This month has blessed me with so many opportunities and now it’s my turn to go out and make it count! I’ve been trying to practice Good Karma lately because Good/Bad Karma is every where. I believe in if you share Love; Good things will come back, if you share Hate, than you’re asking for Bad Karma.  I just tweeted this the other day… “One should always play fair when one has the winning cards.”  and that really did stick with me all week long. If I’m given a Legit Hand, I might as well play smart! So Thank You Everyone who enjoyed my blog this week! I hope you guys have a Great FEBRUARY / JulieMissJuicy’s Birthday Month!!  lol Keep Checking Back because I’m going to continue to BLOG MORE! [[♥]]  GIRL POWER FOREVER!