Be You 100% Don’t You FALL for it Idiots!


Decide in advance that you won’t quit until you succeed… Persist, perfect, pursue, push, and perform as many times as it takes.

Always Fight for what’s yours and Go out there and Get it! Life is too expensive not to Go Forward to the Positivity that’s keeps you Alive.

Growing up as the Middle Child in my family I always had to fight for my Mother’s attention. It’s not the best feeling in the world always being “stuck in the middle” of Everything or constantly getting the Short End of the Stick when it’s your turn to play. I quickly began to break away from my sibling and did my own thing for awhile. I wanted to make a name for myself I guess… and “JUST BE ME“.


I am a Mom, but Writing Won’t Quit Me

“The sacrifice I put into creating a piece of writing was an accomplishment and well worth the effort. It’s like having a baby. I forgot the travail I went through when I touched the pages of the magazine with my published article in it. I had a sense of satisfaction, just like the contentment I felt when holding my newborn infant. They are both a labor of love, only I realize being a mom holds the greater reward.”

-Pam Bostwick


I’m super excited to be back Working on my Blog again! I felt like I’ve been gone for a minute,  but I’m glad I took some Time Off to recover from my surgery and to be a Better Mother & Partner.


Here are a couple of things I picked up from Last Summer:

-Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down.

-I’m fluent in three languages: English, Sarcasm, and Profanity.

-Drama is always funny as hell when you’re not the one in it.

-A persons true colors will always show within time. You may be fooled for the moment, but be patient and see what happens.

-Facebook : Posting 100s of statuses in a day =OBSESSED. Twitter: Posting 100s of tweets in a day = NORMAL. THEREFORE, I prefer Twitter >>@JulieMissJuicy<< Follow Me 


I recently watched the VMA’S and @KevinHart4Reall was freaking HILARIOUS! I was so happy that he was our MTV VMA Host this year because he did an amazing job cracking me up! Especially when he was doing the “3 CHAIN!!” skit with @2Chainz LOL

Oh man… Isn’t she LOVELY?! Say HELLO to My Juicy Dream Space Car the BMWi8 w/ the Butterfly Doors… Stuntin’ is a Habit… LOL

Please allow me to introduce you to the HOTTEST WHITE GIRL on EARTH

MODEL: Sara Fabel

Photographer Jake Raynor

I’m in LOVE with her CONFIDENCE nothing says SEXY than a STRONG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN


Sara Fabel takes BADD to a whole new LEVEL


I told you to be patient, fine, balance, & kind.

Find Peace within Yourself… and you will Live Happier -XOXO [[♥]]

JulieMissJuicy’s MIXTAPE VOL 2

JulieMissJuicy’s Mixtape VOL 2 from JulieMissJuicy on 8tracks Radio.

1) DJ Khaled – Take it to the Head
2) 2 Chainz ft. Drake – No Lie
3) Ace Hood – Tear Da Roof Off
4) 2 Chainz – KO ft. Big Sean
5) Meek Mill – Amen ft. Drake
6) Rick Ross – So Sophisticated
7) Wale – Illest Bitch
8 ) Lil Wayne – My Homie Still ft. Big Sean
9) Tity Boi ft. 2 Chainz – Spend it
10) Drake – Well Be Fine
11) Lil Wayne – Throwed Off
12) Tyga – Do My Dance ft. 2 Chainz
13) 2 Chainz – I LUV Dem Strippers ft. Nicki Minaj
14) Ace Hood – Luv Her ft. Tity Boi & 2 Chainz
15) 2Chainz – Slanging Birds ft. Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti
16) Future – Itchin
17) Wiz Khalifa – Hustlin
18) Future – Magic
19) Young Jeezy ft. Gucci Mane – 24/23
20) Future – Blow ft. Ludacris & Rocko
21) Yo Gotti – I Got Stack Remix


You guys are in for a little TREAT!!! Thug Life Baby! I swear I saw 2Pac when I went under for my Surgery! I Looked into the Bright Light and he told me to make some Changes! So I upgraded to some DD’s!! LOL Still the same O G and my Attitude will always be Tattoo! NEW MUSIC NOT for Your Mama!

Wake Up & Get Up


Boss Bitch Material for all you Beat Freaks.

Professor Juicy will be Hosting your Swag School for today! Class is now in Session!

“Make it a Lifestyle; not a duty”

- We all Need our Motivation Music to get our GAME TIGHT

- In Any Healing Process you can always turn on Music to feel no Pain

- Keep your Sense of Humor at all times RELAX! Live A Lil! It’s Just A Game!

- Always GO Hard & Live Your Life




“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.” – Colette



“I take risks that bring me to the edge
Of myself and cause me to grow.”

LOVE [[♥]]