Just a Regular Day in the Neighborhood

Today we went to LLoyd Center Mall to do more Christmas Shopping and also took Naomi to go visit Santa again!!! Fun! (haha I know, I’m such a mall rat ^_^) Naomi was still too afraid to sit on his lap, but she was able to give her card that she painted for him this time. He gave her Pepermint Lolipop and asked her what she wanted this year for Christmas… She surprised us both when she whispered “Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper… Blue, Joe, and Mailbox” hahahaha (She’s in a Blue’s Clues phase right now on Netflix lol)

Here’s me and My Lil Trouble Maker laying on the Tempurpetic beds at Brookstones! We absolutely love this store because they always have cool gagets to play with! Naomi found this really cute Santa Pig that pops out a Sponge Ball when you squeeze it’s belly!! Lol and I made sure not to leave that store without squeezing a quick massage session in!! hahaha Hey a Mommy gots to do what mommy gots to do to stick to budget with the Shopping List ^_^

I was so tired from shopping that I was actually getting cranky! So that was Philly’s cue to “feed me” lol we went to “Pho Broadway” across the street from Lloyd for dinner. He ordered the Pho Dat Biec Special to share with Naomi, and I order the House Special Fried Rice to scarf down by myself lol We also shared the Crab Puffs for appetizers (cuz we love to eat!) AND For dessert I got the ’3 Color Che’! This was the best cup I had in awhile!!!! The lady made it super fresh for me that Naomi thought it was ice cream and wouldn’t stop hogging it!! Ahhhh… Just lookin at this picture ^^ makes me want to go back and order another one! Lol I’m so F.O.B. Status right now! Okay good night everyone! Toddles my Noodles! Lol


Taeyang – “Wedding Dress”


I know this song is OLD, but this has been stuck in my head all day!! Plus I love this video cuz Taeyang looks soooooo freakin fineeeee!!! Hahaha I have no idea what he’s saying since this is in Korean, but the storyline is really cute!!! [[♥]]

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