Friday Favorites – Victoria’s Secret Haul



So the other day when I was shopping at Lloyd Center with my cousin I forgot to show you guys my Haul from Victoria’s Secret! I wasn’t planning on buying anything but the Sales Girl told me we get a Free Sample of their New Perfume Very Sexy Touch” just for trying on their New Push-Up Bra! YAY OKAY! ^_^ It’s been awhile since I last got my Bra Cup Measured and because I’ve been losing so much weight lately, I had no clue what my Actually Real Cup size was! I couldn’t believe that I went from a 34DD-E to a 34B (Post-Pregnancy). Yes I had BIG Oh Dolly Parton Boobies when I was pregnant with Naomi but since I stop breast feeding, my breast has shrunk tremendously! Talk about saggy titties! HAHA! The sweet sales girl found me this beautiful Crochet Lace Embellished, $78 to take back to the fitting room. I fell completely in love with it right when I clasp it on! It gave me great Natural Lift, Shape, and Curves and made me look like I just got a Boob JOB without going under the knife and it was pain free!!! #Winning I couldn’t stop checking myself out! #MILF Status! Who needs to spend 5G’s on a pair of boobies when I can just buy Every Color Bra in my size!!!! The details of the bra is amazing and it made me feel Beautiful and Lovely! I know it’s super costly for one Bra, but think of it as an investment! I rather have one GOOD bra the makes me feel and look amazing, than 10 Cheap Bras… Remember you get what you pay for! I also got this Pink Tote Bag FREE when I purchased $75 or more! YAYYY #ComeUP Move over Bombshell, I’m feeling Very Sexy!

Quote of the Day:

“When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them.” -Marilyn Manroe 

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