FLIP Video Ultra HD





  • Shoot up to 1 hour of amazing HD video on the easy-to-use, pocket-sized UltraHD
  • Press the big red button to start capturing vibrant HD video (720p / 30fps) on the super-simple user interface
  • Comes with 4 GB of built-in memory, letting you capture up to one hour of HD video; no additional memory cards required
  • Record high-quality H.264 HD videos that are compatible with most video-playing applications, including Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and iTunes
  • Video: 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per seconds (fps) progressive scan; recorded as MP4 files
  • “Child Safe” mode to prevent accidental deletions of clips
  • Silent mode for recording in sensitive situations


Simple to Share

  • Organize your videos by dragging and dropping into folders you’ve created, or use the automatic date-stamped folders
  • Edit and trim your favorite videos clips or even add your own music, all using FlipShare’s easy editing tools
  • Capture photos using the easy Snapshot feature. You can grab a still-image photo from any of the 30 frames that comprise each second of your video
  • Share videos privately using FlipShare’s attachment-free email or by creating Flip Channels; post publicly with direct video shares to Facebook™, Twitter™ and YouTube™






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  3. Comment on my Blog about what you would record if you Won this Flip Camera!
  4. SEND ME A PICTURE OF YOU w/ a “JulieMissJuicy.com” sign to Julie@JulieMissJuicy.com






































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  1. Shannon Trinh says:

    I enjoy watching all of your videos and seeing how your personality just radiates. Keep up with all of the great things you’ve been doing and thank you for sharing your life and other great things with us. I’m not really sure how to post a picture but I’ll share a website. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=501112171832&set=a.481928991832.261667.630471832&type=1&theater

    • Shannon I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL! Thanks for always supporting me! It really means a lot when you dedicate and work really hard and have someone tell you all the nice goodie stuff hahaha E-mail me at (Julie@JulieMissJuicy.com) a photo with YOU Holding a “JulieMissJuicy.com” sign. That way I can do a post thanking all my Viewers & Supporters on my Blog! Thanks boo!!!!

  2. can i firstly say that you are soo pretty and your daughter is adorable. ok, basically i need a new camera to shoot videos and things and i have been searching for a low budget camera. So i was going to buy it, but then I saw you had a give-away and thought that i might aswell try to win this (hopefully). Also, that I just started a new youtube account and people really want me to post more videos. So this camera will help me very much. and also i’ve sent you the picture :)

  3. Michelle Hwang says:

    Thanks so much for holding this contest, you are honestly the sweetest! (Btw, your baby girl is soo cute)
    Anyways, if i won this camera i would record my summer 2011. You see, i am heading off to college this fall and i want to make sure i remember this summer. Most of my friends are heading off to different places, so i want to make sure this is a summer i can remember!
    thanks again for hosting such a great contest. thanks for being you <3

    • Thanks Michelle!!! I love your picture! You did a wonderful job!!! College is so much fun! Sometimes I do wish I could go back and relive my College Memories hahaha You’ll have a blast and meet all sorts of new characters in Life! ^_^ Good Luck Babe!!!

  4. omg your baby is so adorable lol. if i won this flip camera i would take pictures with the family and make more videos on my youtube channel.

    • yayyy! Thanks Lily! I got your picture! It’s already up on my blog! Good luck babe!!! Family is my everything too! :)

  5. Hey julie!
    If i won that camera i would take pictures of my family like my dad because he’s serves for the army and i only get to see him for two weeks every three years:(. I would also make videos this summer because I’m going to FLORIDA! The best place on the eath!

    (btw, i couldn’t take a picture because i don’t have a camera or webcam. just one more reason to have one, right. hahahaha)

    • Awww… I solute you and your Dad! <3 That takes strength and courage! I LOVE FLORIDA!!! You'll have a blast!!!

  6. Also, I made a picture on the computer!! I’ll send it to you!

  7. of course always been following your blog since day one because its fun to watch. I would record of course my princess! always wanted one to record them growing up, already missed so much footage! lol

  8. aracely says:

    Omg let tell I would do the same thing with is camera as u, I just had a baby girl and I would also love to record her every move, and my phone camera is just not cutting it. Ur munchkin looks just like u and wow u are a gutsy woman ii love ur hair

    • Yayyy! i’m sooo glad I’m not the only one! People always think I’m crazy cuz i always have my iphone out snapping pictures and videos lol. But thanks Doll! That truly means a lot to me! I hope you win and congrats to your baby girl!!!! :)

  9. aracely says:

    If I were the winner of this camera I would do like u and only record my 4 month baby. The reason my phone camcorder just is not cutting it

  10. Jackie Sandiego says:

    You are a wonderful lady Julie! <3
    If i were the winner of the flip camera, i would record all the memories of my best friend and I! I don't get to see her that often :( She lives in the states and i live in canada. I'm also thinking of starting to make my own videos for youtube :D anything funny, and beauty related! It seems like a bunch of fun and it would be a great experience :D

    • Hey Jackie! Thanks for entering! I hope you win! If you do win you’ll love the Flip camera! Perfect for recording videos!!! :)

  11. i will do anything for this camera. it will make summmer ! i will love you forever. i really would. seriously, i really hope to be the winner. ive been watching your videos recentlyy and i think you are very goregous and you have great taste! but anyways, i would love to be the winner in this. i will post my photos tomorrow or the next day. cause i dont have a camera. hahah but i can manage to take some off my phone! i hope you can give me a chance atleast (: thanks!

    • Hey Kennedy! I got you in! But please send me your pictures asap because you only have 5 more days left until the contest ends! :) Good Luck!!!

  12. Jonathan says:

    i would like to enter your camera contest and if i win i would first video tap and post of how i won and to thank u for the camera and to check your blog and youtube page.

    • awwww… you’re soooo sweet!!! GOOD LUCK JONATHAN!!! I hope you win!!!! Remember to post up your picture up soon! You got 4 more DAYS!!!

  13. Candice says:

    I LOVE CAMERAS. i only have one that only records 20 minutes for video!! >:O and i would definitely make you a video if i won! ALSO when you said you love recording your life i was all like “OMG ME TOO” we have like a connection o_O XD lol but yeah i have so much videos of my life. its crazy. and i really really like NEED this camera! D: im like so precious with cameras. i like spaz out if i drop it. once i dropped my camera and i thought it broke so i started crying o_o LOL and yeah i was so happy when i found out it didnt. but then once i toke my camera sledding…yeah my camera isnt water proof. so now theres like a line down the middle of the screen when i take a picture. its really weird.

    • Hey Candice! You just made my day!!! I sooo hope you win so you can keep recording your Life!! 20 minutes isn’t a very long time!!! Thanks for sending in your picture! I already upload it on my Blog! Good Luck Doll!

  14. ~*CaRoLyN*~ says:

    I have many reasons for the use of it.. but the 2 main ones are
    1. brother could totally use it for sessions, battles, and what not
    2. giving it to bestie to record my niece since she’s growing up so fast..

    i would give it to one of my loved ones who could put it great use if i was to win this =)
    Gotta capture those moments to recall back on hehe
    Naomi is adorable. She’s grown so fast.

    • Hey boo!!! I don’t know why I didn’t see your comment until now! ughhhh I hate my computer sometimes! but thank you so much for sending me your picture! IT’S ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE YOU!

  15. Julie,
    Nae is so cute! That little Diva should have a Facebook fan page, she’s a guarantee star!
    What I would do if I win? Probably do what I always do anyways be a camera whore, capture funny moments and take videos of my nieces Maivi or Alexis ( when I get a chance to see her ).

    Speaking of funny moments I was looking thru some old photos I found some from the condo! I got one of that thing you use to done with your toes randomly it made me laugh thinking about how we’d all be chilling and you bust out your toes! Good times!!

    Love you babe!

    • Sammyyyyyy aka Sameeh hahahhaa Man this broad always out shine me! hahahaha jk She’s a FULL Diva alright! I hope you win babe!!!! *Naomi please pull Aunt Sammeh’s name out!!!* hhahaha

      lol my toes got skillssssss hahahhaa Let’s just say I got talent from HEAD to TOE hahahahaha I crack myself up! SEND ME THE PICTURES!!!!

  16. hey! thanks so much for doing this giveaway its so generous of you!!! i follow you on twitter! my twitter: pandaxaly

    If i won this flip camera i would record the achievements of my life and the amazing memories that will come my way! Also i will record m family, me and my dad bike riding! i will record my adventures with the people i love and care deeply about :}

    • Awwwwwww Alyssa!!!! YAY!!!! I’m sooooooo happyyyy!!! ^_^ I really do hope you win this camera! It really does bring you joy of capturing that Moment in Time. Good Look Doll!!!!!!

  17. i would love to win this camera since i dont have one. i would do anything to win it :) . i recently started watching your videos on youtube.but i can tell of the bat that youre a great person and a great mom. i love all you rpictures and your baby girl is so beautiful she reminds me alot of my daughter when she was a baby(wish i could send you a pic of her when she was that small). i will continue watching your videos because you seem like a great person , you look like you have great fashion sence :) . youre also very pretty. if i won this camara i can record videos of the things my daughter does and take lots of pictures she loves taking pictures with my phone lol., she will be 4 in july 24th and she is so active and smart and it would mean alot to me if i can win and record her every move since she has alot lol she says shes a diva lol.i agree withSameeh you should do a fb fan page for your baby girl. thanks for this giveaway

  18. 32 comments? WOW! Your comin up boo!! I love it!
    I hope i win! I can sure use a flip camera! That way i can take pics of you and nae on our outing?? LOL! i LOVE YOU. Congrats on everything my love. Cant was to see u at my graduation!

    • Thank you Ba Xa for always being my number 1 supporter! Honestly I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have you riding with me from the Jump. I love you to death and I’m always gonna be Down for you! [[<3]] J & N

  19. Twitter: serenitypassion
    youtube: beautifulasain

    i would like to win this camera because right now my camera is about 6 years old, so i could really use a new one! With this camera i would record my 4 children growing up :D i would record my oldest daughters graduation, and my younger kid’s elementary grads! also birthday parties and such! all for that memorable little moment caught on tape :D

    i sent my picture just now

    • Hey Lynn! I just posted up your picture on my BLOG! yayyyyy Good Job! I LOVE IT! I really do hope you win! ^_^ Good Luck Doll! And I love it that you have such a cute family!!!!!

  20. hey whats up i want to win this flip camera because i can have it with me and i can never miss a funny moment ever again

  21. if i win this i will firstly post a video to thank you…then i will record my daily life activities the most important is that am going to camp with my cousins in 3 weeks :) i hope i win :p

  22. i subbed on youtube: terryguitardad

    i follow on twitter: terryguitardad

    If i were to win this i would give it as a gift to my daughter, she is turning 15 and she wants one of these video camera really bad! i would record her reaction as she gets this, and it would be a memory i will cherish forever, seeing my daughter happy makes me happy and thats all that matters. Because of the economy i haven’t been able to give my family the materialistic things i feel they deserve. By winning this i can give something special and meaningful to the ones i love. i really hope i win it would be such a great gift to give to her. i will be sending my picture in a few minutes’

    email: terryguitardad@gmail.com

    • Thanks Terry! I gotchu!! Thanks for the picture!!!! I really hope you win too! Your daughter will love it!!! [[<3]] Remember to check back soon to see the Winner!

  23. If i won i would record me college life and all my nieces memories as they grow up:)

  24. I missed this by a few minutes! Damn =/

    I’ll still tell you what I’d record anyways ;) I would record my nephew because he’s my #1 main-man and I want him to be able to have video/pictures from his baby days. I don’t have very many and really wish I did so I want to be able to give him those memories when he’s older. He’s just over 2 years old. Him and Naomi would make a cute couple ;)

    Here he is: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/810/015go.jpg/

  25. julie its n0t fair you should have pick one name and the first one would be the winner which is me. I was the first one:(..lol joking congrats to the winner

  26. Im still learning from you, but Im making my way to the top as well. I certainly love reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the posts coming. I liked it!


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