TYGA & Honey Cocaine is coming to PDX!

I’m so excited that TYGA is coming to PDX and Performing at the Roseland Theater on April 3rd, 2012!!! YAYY!!! Most of all I’m super super super excited to go see his Artist Honey Cocaine (@honeylkcocaine) that’s also on Tour with him!

She’s so Gangstaaa!! With the Shooting in Omaha, and a bullet in the arm, there’s nothing stopping this Ninja from killin it on stage!! Woot Woot! I’m all about supporting GIRL POWER & Female Rappers in the game! Get on this movement and show some love to all the Talented Artists.


Who’s down to go to the Tyga Concert with me?!!?! LOL #RackCityBitch #Schwag #F*ckYoFeelings [[♥]]







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