Useful Makeup Tips for the Holidays – How to Maintain & Clean your Makeup Brushes


As a Makeup Artist I’m constantly always deep cleaning my brushes before and after every new client.


Tips on How to Maintain your Expensive Brush Sets:


  • To get your brushes clean and color-pigments-free Fill a small bowl of MAC Brush Cleanser  and diluted with water, swoosh the brush around in the mixture and rinse the solution out with water.
  • After you’re done washing, simply reshape immediately and allow to dry on a towel.  Give them a full 12 hours or more to let dry before using them.
  • Cleaning your brushes once a week will prevent face break outs and to keep the quality of your brushes brand new as long as possible.
  • Washing brand new brushes right away will prevent from any bristle frizz and shedding, and will save you money from having to replace them later on.
  • Here’s another secret! You can also use  Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to wash your make up brushes since they’re just as Gentle and less expensive than the MAC Brush Cleanser.


DIY Makeup Removers

Here’s a cheap method on how to make your own eye makeup remover at home.

For gentle cleansing I use Johnson & Johnson’s Tearless Baby Shampoo and Baby Oil

Mix together in a bottle and shake well.

  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon Tearless Baby Shampoo
  • 1/8 teaspoon Baby Oil

Apply the makeup remover solution with a tissue, cotton pad or ball.

Watch: If any method irritates eyes or the surrounding skin, please discontinue use.




Katy Perry Lashes – Oh Honey! 

The Holidays are coming around and everyone is trying to look their best this season. A great way to enhance your look are these Katy Perry Lashes.

They’ll guarantee to boost up your confidence and bring out your inner Pop Star.

I love wearing False eyelashes! It’s a must for me now every time I have a special occasion to attend.

One day when I was in a hurry doing one of my clients makeup for her Grandson’s 1st birthday party, I accidentally dropped my LORAC Makeup Compact on the floor and it broke into a million pieces. Watching it fall and break almost ruin my day until my mother came in a saved the day. She had read some where that if you mix in Alcohol to the powder,  you can remold it back into shape and it will become dense again… I love this Beauty Tip and I thought I should share this! I hope you guys found my Friday Favorite Blog useful!

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