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I’m giving away a $20 Benefit- Black Mascara I got from Sephora! The first 5 ppl who comment on my Blog and make me laugh; I will choose 1 special winner!! Good Luck! There will be more Give Aways so keep checking back! :)




I know fighting does not solve any problems, but sometimes people really need to stay in their own lane and get checked. Oh please believe I had my ass handed to me once; and that’s why I’m more careful of what I say. But if I said it behind your back, I’ve probably already said it in front of your face. I always come in swinging… never back down!

“Talk shit, eat a brick, expect to get Hit!”

Never take advice from a square. While they’re telling you how You should Live, look at them and see how they’re living. Is that the way you want to live your life? Or would you listen to someone who actually made it. Giving someone advices is different from Keeping it Real, and I always keep it 100.

“No, I’m not a square and I really don’t care.”

Fake & Real: I rather have fake hair, fake nails, and fake lashes than a Fake Personality. There’s no such thing as an Ugly Person, it’s their “Ugly Personality” that makes them “Ugly”.

I’m 4’11.5″ but I stand taller than all these Lil Bitches.


Oh Looky! I did this myself!!! Painted my nails all white and drew black lines using the thin black paint brush on my ring finger!


“Chin up like you getting lined up!”

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  1. I want the Mascara! Then we can do a video on HOW TO PUT MASCARA ON MEN! :) Just saying…..

  2. Keep doing you girl, it’s refreshing what w/ all the fake females around these days!

    • Awwww!!! You’re soooooo sweet! I love you girl!!!! Through out the years, I will always have your back!

  3. screw the dinosaurs; the haters deserve to go extinct.
    (back story; my four year old asked the cashier at walmart if they had any pink dinosaurs on sale. he couldn’t find any)

  4. I make u laugh all the time! i need mascara, shoes, and blush. fyi. LOL i LOVE U. The Vid is great!

  5. Lol YES YOU DO BITCHhhhhhh!!!!! When I come up; we all come up!!!! “I wanna spread my wings and fly” to you mama!!!!! Lolllllllllll

  6. A man is speeding down a narrow mountain road, when a woman comes hurtling round the corner. He swerves to avoid her, but as she passes she screams ‘PIG!’
    The man turns and yells back ‘BITCH!’ as he reaches the bend and crashes into a pig.

    A guy told me this joke just last night, so it was the first thing I thought about when I saw you wanted us to make you laugh ^^ (and I just found your blog today by the way)

    • Lolllllllllll that was so funnyyyyy! I woke and checked my blog and this really made me smile! Thank you for that!

  7. “What did the 6 say to the 9?… your unside-down” lmao you said i had to make you laugh! lol jk my little brother came up w/ that and i thought i was hilarious! lol

    idk what it is about your video julie but i enjoy watching i dont know if its because you entertain me or because your my friend! lol but keep doing what your doing! love how your so random sometimes cracks me up! love yah

    • Seriously I was laughing sooooo hard!!!! I’ve never heard that one!!!
      “What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt!” hahahaha

      • puahahah! nice…… gonna tell him that one! glad you like it! he has another one its more swt but its kinda long so i gotta ask him again! tell you in another drawing! lol but yeah that joked killed me to i almost drowned in tears!

        • You were my 6th comment on my mascara drawing but I have so much love for you that I just stuck you in the beer bong cup too hahaha I’m gonna do the drawing tmr so stay tune for the video!

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