FAVE 5 Make-Up & OOTD









#1 Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 | $52

I can’t get over how much I LOVE this Face Primer! Even if I don’t wear make-up that day, I will ALWAYS put on my Primer. It hides all my pores, and it goes on very SILKY and Smooth! Plus It’s SPF15 and that’s very important because it prevents against sun-spots and wrinkles!!!



#2 Benefit Play Stick Foundation – “jumprope” | $34

Gives FULL Coverage and I love the color!!! Best Foundation/Concealer I ever used HANDS DOWN! I just dab and glide the areas all over my Face (more under my eyes). It hides all my blemishes, pimples, and unwanted scars on my face. It leaves a nice even finish and makes me look FLAWLESS!


BONUS FAVE Too Faced Shadow Insurance | $18

A MUST before applying any Eyeshadow on your eyelids. If you have NASTY SWEATY EYELID – This is what you need! It’s LONG Lasting and I even apply it under my eyes and around my tear-duct area! It give you a Limitless style combination since it helps intensify the TRUE COLOR of your eyeshadow. I wish I had discovered this sooner! Would had saved me a lot of embarrassment!


#3 NARS “Sin”  Blush | $27

Not only does the name totally fits me perfectly, but the light pink bronzy color compliments my Skin Tone very well. Who knew a little Blush can makes me look so Fresh and Awake! I use my MAC 111 Angel Brush to contour and make my Cheek Bones stand out.



#4 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils “Zero” | $18

There’s 1 thing you should know about me; I’m addicted to Black Eyeliner. I feel completely naked without it on, but not all black eyeliner are the same. I have tons of eyeliner and by far this is the best one I’ve used. The Pigment color is ridiculous and it GLIDES-ON sooooo smoothly (hence the name). I totally abused this Eyeliner Pencil as you can tell in the video because it’s at the end of it’s life… lol Guess I Gotta go RE-UP!


#5 Smashbox “smokebox” Eyelights Pallete | $34

Perfect for DAY or NIGHT! It creates the perfect SMOKEY EYE Look! Great investment!!! The Eyeshadow colors are versatile and truly pigmented, and you can use it dry or wet. I love how it Blends so well, and the Black Shadow has Glitter in it that adds an extra effect! What I like best about this pallete is that it’s very COMPACT! It fits in your purse, wristlet, or any make-up bag so you can bring it ANYWHERE! I get a lot of compliments with this and it makes you look sexy and seductive!



What are your 5 FAVE can’t Live Without?


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  1. you should do a tutorial w/ your fave! i think that would be helpful for those who dont use make up like me to get a better understanding! Oh i love how you posted up the price, so i can get an idea of how much but can you also put down where you get it or can get it incase me or other people might want to get it to and dont have to hunt it down! thx julie! always learn lots from you! LOL

    • Ohhh I would love to do another make up tutorial! That just might be my next one!!! All the items listed in my Fave 5 you can find at Sephora! I hope that help! Thank you so much for the feedback! I love it! it honestly really helps me out a lot! You have no idea! It feels like I’m not talking to a wall hahaha

  2. haha glad i can help! since im at home all the time i spend a lot of time on youtube and sometimes i have a lot of question, and i just thought it might not only help me but you and the other viewers! but i do love what you are doing so far! i know you will get a lot better at it and have lots more viewers! LOL

    • Amanda you’re soooo sweet! You just lifted my spirits up! When I told ppl that I’m gonna start filming on YT and blogging ppl laughed at me and said “sureeee”. Thank you so much, I just want to show ppl that if I can do it; you can too.

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