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Congrats to “Ba Xa” for winning the Benefit – BAD girl Lashes Mascara!

Another Free Give Away!!!
I’m giving away a box of 10 FREE FALSE EYELASHES! The first 10 people who comment -ON MY BLOG- (make me laugh, send request for my next videos, or ask for a shoutout); I will choose 1 special winner!! Good Luck! There will be more GIVEAWAY so keep checking back! :)


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  1. Free eyelashes? Daaaayum! Sign me up! =]

    Seriously girl, you are too much fun. You have me cracking up all the time!

    • Thanks boo boo! It’s really nice to hear that people are liking me for being ME ^_^ Keep checking back and I’ll post the winners in my next video :)

  2. This comment is not for lashes since I’m also stocked for life!!! Just wanna say your doing such a great job on these blogs and videos and that your makeup on this video looks amazing.. Keep up the great work my P.I.C. Oh btw if this was for a bottle of nuvo giveaway I would’ve been on top of my game with hella jokes:)

    • Thank you for that reassurance! I love you! You’ve always been in my corner! I dont know what i would do without you my P.I.C. Girllll you dont even need to enter in no contest for Nuvo, you know we always got Bottles on Deck!!!!!

  3. nice blog and video tutorials Julie!! ;) Can’t wait to see more!! :)

  4. You’re soo pretty and I love your happy personality! :) You should definitely make more youtube videos you definitely have the personality for it and i would watch them all :)

    • Awwwww thanks my sweet muffin!!!! I deeply thank you for your kind words!!!!! Okay imma get on top of my games and bust out more videos for you! :D

  5. I love your videos and your blog! I hope you don’t think I’m stalking you because I’m following you everywhere! Haha but you like to keep it real and I admire that! Maybe you can do more makeup tutorials. Those would be great!! :D

    • Hey girl heyyyyyy!!! ^_^ I love that! Thank you so much for showing all the love and support! I love your blog too!!! [[<3]]

  6. Shoutout to me :) I miss you boo!

  7. shoutout to me and your so sweet i love your videos and if i won please contact me with my youtube account

  8. I’ve decided I’m gonna name my son hello kitty.. really declared an total obsseeesssion..
    number 13 buuut count me in pleaseeee..

  9. shout out! hehe haha it was so fun watching you do the drawings for the mascara! even though i didnt win :( but i was fun just seeing my name go into what kalong to referrs to as the “bong cup” lol eventually i’ll win something, might as well enter since ive been watching your videos! lol love yah

  10. shout out! i love your videos and blog!

    youtube username is vhello123123

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