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I went to the Beauty Supply Store and I had to buy ALL of the China Glaze Crackle Nail Polish and test them out for myself!



Black Mesh (Black Crackle)


Lightning Bolt (White Crackle)


Broken Hearted (Pink Crackle)


Crushed Candy (Baby Blue Crackle)


Fault Line (Purple Crackle)


Cracked Concrete (Gray Crackle)


You can also purchase them here ->

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  1. Yahh!!! about time this went up! it looks great.

    MDWeekend consisted of: shopping for D ;) buaha!

  2. Love the video! I have the black crackle,and i LOVVVVE it. :) I need to get more of them! I didnt do much for Memorial day, i worked… :( Keep doing the videos and everything! You are seriously an inspiration! :D

  3. My weekend was all about eating and chilling with the familyyy :)

  4. i clean over the MD weekend! 27-4 maid! LOL

  5. my facebook name is nikirylee hamilton. i just added you. my youtube username is winn3rwinn3r. i dont have twitter, but i just subscribed to your youtube. lol, this memorial day i had a cookout with my extended family. like a minature family reunion. haha it was a LOT of fun. i also took a moment to remember friends and family that are no longer with me. thats what memorial day is ALLLLL about :D

    • Omg Niki!!!!! That’s exactly the kind of family I have!!!!!! I have so many family here it’s crazy!!! Everyones related lol!

  6. Margaret says:

    Me! Me!!

  7. Margaret says:

    Me been drinking all day!!!

  8. i didnt do much just worry about some problems that happened over the weekend. i havent been able to sleep or enjoy my did you spend your memorial day weekend?

    • I feel youuuu “Mo Money Mo Problems”! Lol jk I did a lot of cleaning and BBQing with my Fam Bam ^_^ mannnn I wished i knew sooner when you become a mother; you never get to sleep!!!!

  9. oh my fb name is stephany perez and my youtube is nygothicangel.

  10. Be Hanh says:


    You know who this is. I’m prob the only Be Hanh you know. My memorial day weekend was crazzy. Saturday: My lion dance team and I got together with other lion dance teams in California to mingle. We found that a lot of us are brothers/sisters through our martial arts style. My team and I were just chilling at my house in Irvine and at 11 pm, Jeffrey was like “you guys wana go to McDonalds?” We came back with $50 worth of Mcdonalds (a pix of the food is on Jeff’s fb). Then at midnight, Jeff was like who wants ice cream and said that if 3 people vote yes, we’d go to ralphs to get ice cream and we were timed 1 minute to vote. there were 2 votes and at the last second remaining, Jeff was like YES, let’s go! so we ended up bringing home 5 half gallon tubs of ice cream.

    Sunday: Momma’s Korean BBQ!!!

    Monday: watched tv all day and took advantage of memorial day sales.

  11. Enjoyed my holiday in the house I have a daughter with autism. So its hard to blend in when people don’t understand..but its all good cause again I was with my mini tribe..LOL love your hot videos!

  12. My weekend consist of shopping and spending quality time with my husband. I actually went to Ulta to purchase the China Crackle Polish but THEY WERE ALL GONE. ….made me angry but I picked up other nail polishes so I am somewhat content. The rest of the weekend was just beach bumming! =)

    • Awwww Liz!!!! I love goin shoppin with My Man too! Did you get anything good besides nail polish? [[<3]] I hope you win!!! Its a lot of fun!!! Btw I'm totally jealous! I wanna be a beach bum!!! Lol

  13. evangelina says:

    youtube name is Lovesbeingamommy
    Facebook name is Evangelina Ruiz
    Twittier is PrettyOne_562

    I spent the whole weekend with my boy’s going swimming and bbq=) There my world

    • Hey Evangelina!!! Awww how old is your son? [[<3]] believe it or not I haven't took my daughter swimming yet!!! I soooo want to do that since the weather is nicer now!

  14. Michelle Hwang says:

    For my memorial weekend i sat on my couch and watched lord of the rings <3

  15. Tiffany says:

    Hey, Julie : ) .

    I spent my memorial day weekend BBQin w/ my baby’ daddy fam & shopping at woodburn! How’s you spend yours?

    Haha, I love all your videos you’re so real it’s pretty hilarious, make me laugh & smile. haha! Hope you and your precious b doing good!!

    • I love BBQ!!!!! Was there any good sales at Woodburn? I mostly spent it with my HUGE family, and it was my sister’s birthday so we went to Buffet Palace and shopped in Beaverton.
      Thanks Tiff!!! I’m glad you enjoy my videos! It makes it worth making when people like it lol

      • Tiffany says:

        Mm, the sales aren’t bad but, nothing too serious to miss. Was Buffet place good or, like any other buffet? Lately all the ones we go too, I don’t really like.. Its like ehh!

        Oh, I read some of the comments before this & saw your daughter hasnt been swiming! You should!! My baby loves it! I took her at 9 months .. Everyone was looking at me like whoaa you bringing in a little miniature person swimming.. But, she was so excited & even now she just love to go off in the big person pool at Clackamas Aquatic center :) . Beware reallly busy days.

        • Buffet Palace in Beaverton is the BESTTTTTTTTTT IN THE WEST! (Since Todai shut down) You should go try it!
          I wanted to put her in Swimming Lessons but we were doing Gymboree Class and Children’s Museum that I couldn’t take on another one! lol But lets do a Playdate!!! Naomi wants to kick it with Alexis!!!!!

  16. Hi

    friended you on facebook, i live in the uk so we didn’t have memorial day weekend :/

    • Hi Katy!!!!! Wow it’s nice to know that my videos/blog can go all the way to the UK!!!!! ^_^ what did you end up doing for your weekend then?

  17. Ivy Pabona says:


    The highlights of my Memorial Day weekend:

    i. Friday: I took the time to go visit my parents with the little one. Even though we had a laid back day going grocery shopping and eating a simple dinner together, it was well worth while. Because my family is my everything, and without them, there wouldn’t be ME.

    ii. Saturday: The hubby and I went to watch HANGOVER PART II. It was hilarious. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my lifetime. If you haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT!! …. Every couple needs their one on one time.

    Saturday Night: Went out to Society for an old schoolmate’s birthday with my two best friends, Noi and Mahine, plus our hubbies. Ended up at Qube, where you see all the Asians you knew way back in the day. FOR REAL. =p …. I choose QUALITY over QUANTITY any day.

    iii. Sunday: What did I do on Sunday? It’s just me to forget so easily. I probably did my wifey status routine. Consisting of cooking, nonstop cleaning and taking care of the little man. …. Simplicity is extraordinary.

    OH YEAH!! Encouraged juliemissjuicy to finish her video and post her newest blog on China Glaze Crackle nail polish. =)

    iiii. Monday: Memorial Day. Spent some quality time with my mother, the greatest woman I know. Love her to pieces. I also took the time to pray for all the souls that have been lost. Thanked those who have served this country to ensure our freedoms be preserved. Prayed for those who are still risking their lives everyday.

    As much I want to win this giveaway, I hope Sonya wins!! I think she deserves to win because I’m sure she is very patient, and is a wonderful mother to her child. I don’t know first hand what it is like to have an autistic child, but I do know how inconsiderate people are who don’t understand. Every girl loves nail polish, right? I think her daughter would love the one on one time with mommy getting their NAILS DID. =)

    • Ivyyyyyyy I freakinnnnn love you to piecessssss!!!!! This was exactly what I was looking forrrrrr!!!!!
      i. I love My Family too!!!! Blood is deffently thicker than Water to me! I always know where my loyalty lays. It’s nice to meet a chick with the same Family Values!
      ii. I’m sooooo jealousssssss I freaking love the 1st one so I’m expecting the 2nd one to be funnierrrrrr!!! Me & my Man soooo need a date night!!!
      iii. What would I do without you! [[<3]] Actually what would our Mans do without US! Hahahaha being a Mommy/Wifey is noooooo joke!!! We stay grinding!!!!
      iiii. Mother’s are the backbone to the Family ^_^

      I hope everyone wins!!! If I could I would give everyone who supported me something!!! Cuz it’s nice to know ppl gotcha back when you put yourself out there for the World to see. My Giveaway Drawings are completely Random and anyone can win even if they already won a previous Giveaway ^_^ good luck Ivy!!! I love you sooooooo muchhhh!!! I solute you Women!!!!

  18. I cannot find these anywhere near me and I refuse to shop at ULTA! Good luck, ladies!!


    • Xtina 0.0 did you have a fall out with ULTA?! I love shopping there ^_^ it has like everythinggggggg!!!! Drugstore make up + Department make up + supplies= ALL in 1 spot shop!!!! [[<3]]

  19. Awesome thing. We’ll see how this will work.

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