Cassie’s New Hairstyle 2012

Cassie’s Hairstyle has made such a huge impact in the Hip Hop FASHION World that I had to do another blog dedicated to this Beautiful Diva!!!!! 

I’m loving this Blazer Jacket on her! She has such amazing Style! It’s always eye popping; but never too ridiculously outrageous! She’s the perfect fashionista in my book!


Style Tip #101: Having one TAILORED Fitted Blazer Jacket in your woredobe or closet is a MUST! It says “I’m Bossy!” and Classy enough to wear clothes when I leave the house! ^_^

PROS: It can Dress-Up any outfit and keep you warm at the same time! NO MORE freezing to death while waiting in line to get into the club!!!!

CONS: It makes you look like your have Broad Football shoulders with the Shoulder Pads… but the 80′s is making a come back!!!!


Can you say Ooohhh-La-LA!!! She makes me want to give her a Big HUG! Cassie is totally owning this dress! She has this ability to makes anything look GOOD! I wish I had her… EYES! lol


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Cassie just leaked out her new 2012 DEMO “Don’t Lose It” 


Cassie’s Make-Up is always on point! I love her Full Eyebrows and her Big JUICY LIPS!

Try YSL “Mysterious Red” Lipstick




This is what I think I want my Wedding Veil to look like!!!! *BLING BLING*

No matter what she wears or how she wears it, I love all her accessories! I think I’m going to go bedazzle my Bamboo Earrings now!

Man… Cassie sure is BEAUTIFUL! I think I’m in LOVE!

[[♥]] -XO Julie

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