If you don’t got Urban Decay “Naked” Eyeshadows! These eyeshadows are a MUST HAVE in any Beauty Guru’s collection because they’re so versatile! This will help you transform your eyes from Day to Night with just one pallet!

This is why it’s my FRIDAY FAVORITE!

Ever since I received it in the mail I have been wearing it everyday! I’m in love with the “Virgin” Highlight shadow that’s on the far left because it brightens my eyes without it being “white & creamy”. This color is perfectly pigmented and all you need to do is add a dab to your outer corner of your tear ducts and it opens and adds lights to make you look fresh and awake! Another color I use often is “Half Baked” that has the right amount of shimmer and gold!


Make-up Lovers have raved and craved this Urban Decay Naked Pallette so much they have created a Naked 2 with more colors!!!  It’s perfect for achieving neutral, smokey, dramatic, or pretty much any look. The palette comes with 12 shades including 5 new shades, a shadow and crease brush, and it’s great for traveling!

LADIES LISTEN UP!!! I’m going to be doing another FUN FREE GIVEAWAY because I just adore and LOVE you guys all so much!!! Who doesn’t want FREE MAKE-UP!


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Don’t miss out on this great Giveaway because it’s OPEN to EVERYONE! Good Luck to all my Friends & Family!!! ONE LOVE [[♥]] XOXO




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  1. Tiffany LALALA says:

    don’t think anyone forgot about you. every other day I come & check in your blog :) . love reading about you & little munchkin :) .

    if I won I would like the naked 2 palette since it seems to also have matte & shimmery colors! I don’t wear make-up really & it would a good palette to start on :D .

    I hope you & baby girl are doing well :] –

  2. Laura D. says:

    Such a wonderful giveaway!

    “Enter me in the Naked Contest” Please :) Email: Would love to win the Naked2!

  3. Shannon D. says:

    Enter me in the Naked Contest!, I would love to win the original naked palette

  4. Maria Ai Nguyen says:

    ENTER ME IN THE NAKED CONTEST PLEASEEEEE! I don’t have a twitter =( do I still qualify? I did all the other steps!

    I would LOVE the Naked 2 palette. Thank you!!

  5. Noi Soutavong says:

    Oops was I suppose to write on this one?? Hehe enter me in the naked contest please! :)

  6. Stephanie Ramirez says:

    “Enter me in the Naked Contest!” Please!<3

    Would love to win the Naked2 pallette! (:


  7. What’s up MAMA!!
    Shelley & I went to Pho Ngon this weekend & I thought about you cause the last time I went there was with you! I miss you :)

    I haven’t tried either Palette so either.
    Enter me in the Naked Contest!

  8. Enter me in the Naked Contest please! I would love to win the naked 2 palette. Thank you for the giveaway!
    mom22girlz at ymail dot com

  9. enter me in the naked contest! prefer naked 2 but either one would work! LOVE yah

  10. Linda Vy says:

    Enter me in the naked giveaway^_^ naked 2 please….even though I may not leave a comment doesn’t mean I’m not stopping by( ninja style) keep up the great blogs!

  11. LILLY NGUYEN says:



  12. Barbara says:

    Enter me in the Naked Contest!
    Naked 2 :)

    I followed you on twitter (happyfishito), subscribed to your youtube channel (cookiefields) and followed on instagram (ladjica).

    Thank you for the giveaway!!


  13. thuy buck says:

    Enter me in the Naked Contest!
    naked 2! ;)

  14. C R Williams says:

    Enter me in the Naked Contest!

  15. C R Williams says:

    I wish to win the Naked 2 palette

  16. C R Williams says:

    Following on twitter as @everywheresafe

  17. C R Williams says:

    Subscribed to your youtube channel my user name is thisisliferemix

  18. C R Williams says:

    Requested a follow on Instagram my usernane is thisisliferemix

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