Winter 2013 – Mt. Hood Ski Bowl- What to wear Snowboarding Tips for a First Timer



Do I look legit? Thank you to my niece Vanessa for letting me borrow all her Snowboarding gear.

 I never knew how cool Snow attire was until I step up to the mountain and saw everyone SWAGGED out!

I can’t wait to get a Chick Board of my own and go back up and attempt the Lifts next time.

It was my Bestie Thuy’s 25th Birthday and her boyfriend Danny rented a condo at Collins Lake Resort for the weekend.

I couldn’t believe what an amazing trip it was and I’m so glad I got to share my experience with you guys!

My whole body was completely sore, but it was defiantly worth every bruise on my butt.

As a birthday present for Thuy I booked the two of us a Hour long Private Lesson with Jake our Snowboarder Instructor.

 I defiantly recommend getting lessons from a Professional if it’s your first time, they’re more patient, and will guide you with great tips and pointers. Lessons will speed up your learning process than if you were to learn on your own, and will give you more time to practice and perfect your technique when riding and stopping down the mountains.

After our weekend was over at Mt. Hood  I can confidently say and I concur the Bunny Hill.

I never knew how physical this sport is, I had to take a break and fuel my body with Beers & NACHOS

at the Beer Stube Bar

The NACHOS are no JOKE!

Here’s Danny & Thuy Grubbing!!!

You got to order this the next time you’re there! It’s so GOOD!

We shared it with 5 people and we were all super FULL!

MEET THE CREW: Danny, Thuy, JulieMissJuicy, Chris, & Roberti

“Ain’t nobody fresher than my muthaf*ckin’ Clique” 

~Kayne West, Jay Z, & Big Sean

SHERD UP! Time to get it in!!!! MOVE B*TCH GET OUT THE WAY!



LOL This is Thuy sticking her head in the snow… SO SILLY!

Over all, I had an absolutely amazing time with these guys!

I got drunk every day, slept in, and played with the snow all day… Mission ACCOMPLISHED!

What to wear snowboarding? Tips for a first timer?

  • Bring water proof pants
  • Water proof Jacket
  • Layer up on thermals
  • Snowboarding SOCKS
  • water proof gloves
  • Scarves
  • Googles
  • HELMET – Safety first!
  • You can rent Boots, Bindings, & Boards
  • Do not wear Cotton, it will soak through and get wet.
  • Bring Chapstick because the weather will dry them out.
  • Bend your knees
  • To stop use your heels and dig them into the snow.

That’s really all about it to Snowboarding… I’m starting my 2013 year off with a more Active Lifestyle than last year, and to continue to push myself to try new things. The best thing I gain from this experience is to focus on what’s in front of me, don’t worry about how fast others are going, go at your own speed, and learning how to Heel Stop will save your life. Catch me on my next fun Adventure!! TOODLES! [[?]]



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  1. Thuy buck says:

    Well said my love.
    Thank you for spending the weekend with me.
    I love you always!! Xoxox

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