LIFE should be nothing Less than Adventurous & INSPIRING




“When you’re writing the story of your Life; Don’t let anyone hold the Pen.”



Portland  |  Steel Bridge

This View is soooo beautiful! It truly took my breath away!

“Home is where the Heart is..”


Me & You Against the World

He’s been riding with me since Day 1 | Together We Rise


“When you love a Women; you see your World inside her Eyes”



Love my Niece Vanessa! We’re sooo FLYYYY

Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself, Do things You want to do and experience them YOURSELF!


“Reach for your DREAMS; believe you can SOAR”



Every day should always be an Adventure!

If you are open minded to Life; you will be so much Richer!

{Took two people to get my Fat Ass up here! lol}


“Inspire to Aspire”



Koin Tower

I’ve never been afraid of Heights… It feels like i’m on TOP OF THE WORLD!


“If you Don’t Believe in Yourself; Nobody will…”


Me and my Niece Xina


“Life is like a book: Every person you meet is a new character. Every obstacle you face is a new chapter. You’re the Author”



“It doesn’t mater Where you’re at; it’s WHO you are With.”



ooohhhhh ICE CREAM!!!!



Banana Spit never fails - Peppermint, Pistachio, & Mountain Berry




My Lil Sidekick!

She truly inspires me every morning to get up and HAVE FUN. Her smile alone is the best Salary I can recieve.


“The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean Something to someone…”


YSL Golden Glosses Cherry Blossom -Real Sparkling 24 carat gold flecks lip gloss!

building memories…


She just wants to kick it…




Naomi’s Chi Sa-Sa


They’re too CUTE together!

“Spend Life with the ones who makes you Happy; not the ones you have to Impress.”


My Daughter | My Seed | My Everything



I’m part of the “Cool Kids” hahahaha


shhhh... I’m hella Trespassing! lol


“Love yourself; or you’ll Lose yourself”




“When you are comfortable with your Flaws & can Learn to accept them… Nobody can ever use them Against you.”



This was my Wonderful Weekend at the Waterfront… I LOVED & CHERISHED every minute of it with my Family.


“One of the most adventurous thing left for us to do is to go to Bed…

For no one can lay a hand on our Dreams.”

– E.V. Lucas




Stay tune for my NEXT ADVENTURE!

What are your guys Favorite places in Portland/Oregon/USA?!




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