Thicker Than a Snicker


After I got back from Cali, I brought back some “Thickness”… Lol

Time to get my Mind & Body Right!



[ Healthy Choice Lemon Herb Chicken ]

I picked up in the Frozen Section from Fred Meyer’s aka Sam’s!


Wow it looks just like the Box!



No need to Peel, Poke, or Slit… Just stick it in the Microwave for 4 – 4 1/2 mins.

And BAM!!!! DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS! As a mom now;  I never have any time to eat! And when I do eat; it’s Naomi’s Left Overs! (Thanks Nae lol) I love any Fast, Easy, Healthy “Cooking”! ^_^


Yup! Now it’s in my belly! Imma so buy that again at the Grocery Stores! YUMMMM-O!!!


Naomi is Coloring me a Picture with her Crayola Markers she got in her Goodie Bag from Jackson’s 2nd Birthday Party!



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  1. Tiffany says:

    HAHAHA, omg. I, too eat Alexis’s leftovers. More so, I tend to find things we can both eat together, she’s picky & knows there must be something wrong with it if i’m not eating it too. She likes to eat little of this & that… I end up being so full having to eat so many things w/ her.. It’s a bit tedious. Anywho, yay for frozen foods =) .

    Hope you & your little munchkin doing well.

    YAY, MOMS!

    • Tiffany, girl tell me about it!!!! I’m Naomi’s lil Peasant and she feeds me her scraps of food! hahahaha My fridge stays stocked with Frozen Entrees! Cuz Being a Mom is soooooo much freaking work!! I applause stay at Home Mommies!!!

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