Summer’s Not Over YET! Get the Body You Want in Less than 3 Months

That awkward moment when you’re running and your boobs are bouncing…. And you’re a guy.

My kind of tank top! Too bad this is for GUYS! I was online shopping and stumbled on this really great RAYGUN Shop website with tons of  Men Tanks Tops! What a Fun way to show off your GUNS!


I can’t believe I’m sticking to my 2012 New Year’s Resolution for once! Being Healthier is all I’m aiming for! Thank YOU to these Lovely Victoria’s Secret Sports Bras for giving me the extra boost of confidence to hit the Gym with No Mercy.
(Here’s A Secret: Eat half of your meal to Lose HALF OF YOUR WEIGHT & Eat 5 TIMES A DAY to speed up your metabolism)


Every girl needs to pamper herself to a couple of Victoria’s Secret Pink Hoodies & Tee’s for FALL! Stock up now and remember to Layer up when you’re either Lounging around the House, or Jet Setting to your next Destination Getaway! It’s a Beautiful way to Be Comfy in your own Skin! Oh yeah & The best way to release some Stress is to “Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go!” lol ^_^ [[♥]] XOXO

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