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Good Morning World!!! Happy Saturday!!! I just made myself a hot cup of coffee (ooohhweee! I can already feel it activating in my digestive system lol)and Naomi is sipping on some Hot Coco! She’s been feelin really sick and I though it’ll be nice to cuddle up and watch Blue’s Clue together. Even though I have a super full day ahead of me! I swear a Mother’s work is never over! There’s always something to do or clean! I’m not saying I’m ‘OCD’ (Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder) but this year I’m really trying to be more Organized and On Point. Just the other day I had a few cups laying around on the table and Naomi actually came up to it and started shaking her head and saying “oh mama! messy!!” (I think she’s gonna grow up with some major issues ^_^)


Usually every year when January comes around, it reminds me that I only have one more month until my Birthday! Ahhh I can’t believe Imma be 24 this year!!! I only have one Life to Live so I gotta get my Mind, Body & Soul right. I don’t have time for Negativity! (If you’re not a Positive Person please stay far away from me!) lol I always wanna be the Best Me I Can Be every year so that’s the reason why I have to GO HARDER! Even though I am a full time mother, that shouldn’t be an excuse to not focus on myself and my well being.


“It’s selfish of you not to be Healthy for yourself, and your kid’s life.”


This year I’ve been trying to do more Yoga, Pilates, and Self-Meditating. I have such a crazy Lifestyle that and I need different ways to control my stress and to Free my mind time to time. Just Deep Breathing alone really helps me a lot. I must admit that I have an extremely Hot Temper; I don’t mean to be, but that’s just how I am. I’ve always been a type to wear my emotions on my sleeves. People  will know when I’m happy, sad, hurt, or angry because it just shows on my face. So now, I choose to Stay Positive and Productive.

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These are the Pilates Resistance Bands I’ve been using to work out at home! They really do help me Tone Up a lot without having to go stop by the Gym every day! One of the main reason why I love working out at home is because it’s more convent and I feel more comfortable than being in a room full of Stinky SWEATY Strangers! lol

Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life. I pray for everyone’s Blessing..never praying on anyone’s downfall… if its genuine God will always make sure you’re good. I know where I want to be and what I want, and that’s to live happily with my friends and family. It’s not all Cupcakes and Rainbows in my Life, but I choose to not deal with Bad Energy and do try to avoid unnecessary Dramas as much as possible. Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad. So go out there and Make YOURSELF HAPPY! Weather it maybe working out,  changing your hair, putting on make-up, or putting on that sexy black dress, REMEMBER TO LOVE & FREE YOURSELF!


“They’ll love you today, hate you tomorrow, and try to make up with you the next day! Continue being YOU is what I say.”


“Compete with Yourself; not with your Friends.”



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