No Hair; No Care – Be Beautiful


“Come to the edge, Life said.

They said: We are afraid. 

Come to the edge, Life said.

They came. It pushed Them…

And They flew.”

~Guaillaume Apollinaire 


Surviving out here you need Knowledge, you need to be Cautious, more important you need to be Courageous, and to always remain Calm at all Crazy moments… and with a little Luck there will be Success. It’s about taking risks that bring you to the edge and causes you to Grow… I love those random memories that make me smile No Matter what is going on in my Life… Like when I have flash back of the day Naomi was born, I swear it was just yesterday and now she’s almost 2.5 years old!  This week we were back at St. Vincent’s Hospital the same one that Naomi was delivered in, because her Grandpa had to go in for Eye Surgery. Just being in that hospital waiting in the lobby for 5 hours gave me a lot of time to think to myself…

Every where I go, people love to come up to me and ask me “what made me want to Shave my Head in the first place” and my response has always been the same… I wanted to be like Britney Spears! lol just kidding! ^_^ No there’s actually a real story behind why I’ve always been infatuated with the Shaved Head look…

When I was in High School my mother was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer and she was soon put on Chemo & Radiation. My older sister was away at College and I was left at home helping my mother go through her treatments. I remember waking up seeing Clumps of hair on my mother’s pillows and Black Hair all over the house because she was beginning to lose her hair. After one day my mother was tired of clogging up the shower, she got a Razor out and handed it to me. I looked at her like she was Crazy! I was thinking I never shaved anyone’s head before, what made me eligible to do this? But my mother kept insisting for me to shave it all off cuz she couldn’t.

After a couple of strokes in, my mother finally got the grip that she was going to be completely BALD… I think I saw a couple of tears shed down her face but I continued to keep shaving away… After I was finished, all I saw was a nice Round Shinny Head. I told her she looked Beautiful but she never believed me. That day will forever be stuck with me. From that moment on I wanted to show my mother that being Beautiful doesn’t mean you need hair, so I took the razor and tried to shave my head too. My mother stopped me so quick and told me I was CRAZY! We looked at each other and That’s when I told her we are both Crazy/Beautiful! lol

I believe in the Women Power & Love will Heal the World. Friendship has nothing to do with who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, and said “I”m here for you” and proved it! I hope everyone have a blessed and wonderful weekend. Don’t let anybody ruin it, because it actually might be someone’s last… Enjoy every minute of your Life and Live Freely!


“Every day is a new start to be a Better You. 

But those memories will forever remind you of what made you, You.” 




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