Naomi First Day Of School

It’s been a full month since we enrolled my baby in Early Preschool at Kindercare right by our house. Naomi loves coming home with painted pictures and stories about her day with her Teacher  Miss Moriah and her classmates. She always has the biggest smile when we come to pick her up and walk her home from school. It’s a huge milestone and accomplishment not only for her, but as her parent too! For 2 and half years I’ve been a “Stay-At-Home Mother” and now my little girl is all grown up and is ready to finally spread her wings and fly. I’m her biggest fan and her biggest supporter, because I know she can achieve great things in life if I just provide her with all the right opportunities.

Naomi now knows all her colors, shapes, and can count to 10 on her own. Her reading level is above average and I owe it all to the Your Baby Can Read Program which I started her on since she was 3 months old.

I want my kid to excel and reach her highest potential; yet  know that I’m always here in case she needs me as a safety net. I believe putting her in school early will benefit her in the long run because you can never put a price on my child’s education.

Here we are at Starbucks getting our morning coffee after dropping Nae off in class! YAY! It’s Mommy-Free TIME!!! I think Daddy and I are going to go do some exploring around downtown! It’s nice to be able to enjoy some quality time together, this is what makes our relationship stronger not always as parents but as partners too. I couldn’t ask for a better provider and protector for Naomi!

I got to sneak a picture of Naomi eating lunch with her friends at school! SO CUTE! They’re eating Tuna Casserole with Peas and Carrots and Oranges! I love how she’s learning table manners at such a young age and building social skills already!



 Last week was super sunny, we decided to let her skip class and take her to Crystal Spring Lake to feed some duckies! Here’s Naomi with her Duck seeds!

These ducks are so friendly! They’ll come up and eat the seeds out of your hands too!




Moments like these are so priceless that I just wish she could stay this little forever! [[♥]]


“If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.”

~ Brian Tracy 



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  1. Babe,
    Nae is so cute! I’m so happy to see her having fun at school. I’m so proud of you too your such an amazing mommy & Philly such a wonderful daddy. You guys make the best parents. I love you doll :)

    • Sammeh, Thanks boo! You don’t even know how great it was to hear that from you! You’re too sweet! I miss you so much!! If you’re not doing anything on Saturday you and your girls should come out to AURA and come kick it with me!! It’s GONNA BE FUN!! [[♥]]

  2. Julie you guys have such a sweet little fam! Thuy and I are so happy we got to be with you on that special day! Co Thuy and I are here for you’ll if you need anything! I can’t wait to watch Nae continue to grow! Good stuff Julie!

    • We can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow for dinner at your new house! Thank you for making my bestfriend so happy! I love you both so much!! We need another dart rematch on the XBox!

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