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When I started this Blog, I really didn’t think that anyone was going to read it or even care… But it’s soooo refreshing to know that people are actually visiting and leaving comments and showing that they’ve actually been here. I can’t thank you guys enough! To all my peeps who said that “I inspired you”, well YOU guys are the one that really Inspires Me :)


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
-Mahatma Ghandi


Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to write book about my life. I only speak of what I know from My own Real Life Experience so please believe me when I say I’ve been through Hell and Back ; I have a Souvenir to prove it. I may be only 23, but I have Lived my life to the fullest and with no regrets.


“It’s not about how Long; it’s about how Strong”


Well here goes another chapter of my Life:

Growing up I’ve always had to earn my own money to get what I want. My mama gave us a $5 Allowance a week only if we did all our chores at home. (My position was to wash the dishes and my sister was to do laundry.) Til this day, I’m one of the best dishwashers there is :) My dishes always come out clean cuz I never miss a spot. I believe in, if you’re gonna do it; then you better do it right.

“If you can’t do it better, than you better do it faster!”

I remember this one week, all my fingers were pruney and my arms were completely sore from standing in front of the sink… I finally had my hard earned 5 bucks. My mama took all of us to the Sanrio Store where they sell mostly Hello Kitty Merchandises (this is my fave store! ^_^ Oh  & Sephora too!) My mama also brought along her girlfriend and her 2 daughters to come with us. One of her daughter was also name Julie too, and at that time I thought we would be “bestfriends forever”.


Well I decided to buy her a gift with my only 5 bucks I had in my wallet. I’ve always been that way. (I’m not a “People Pleaser” but I’m a type that if you’re Down for me Imma be Down for you.) I bought her a Mini Hello Kitty trash bin :)

When we walked out the store, I handed it to her… I was hoping for a “thank you” or a hug from my bestfriend, but instead she ran off and showed her Mother what she got. Do you wanna know what those two did?!?! They went back into the store to exchanged it to the Larger trash bin! They said the small one was too cheap looking! >.<

The feeling I got was hurt, disappointed, betrayed, and robbed… I went home empty handed and ended up crying to myself cuz I felt so stupid and completely unappreciated. :(

That was one of those life lesson for me. I learn that people are built differently from me. That this world is a Dog Eat Dog World. Nobody is really going to appreciate you more than Yourself. While you’re busy trying to do good for others, how good is that doing to you?

“Never expect, only hope.”


I’ve always worked hard for everything I have. That’s why I stay blessed and humble. I know what it’s like to grind all week and still come home with nothing. I know that people will use and abuse you, but you gotta learn from that and to pass them up.


“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”



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  1. I LOVE YOU JULIE! You’ve always been so giving (I know first hand) & that what I adore about you.

    I enjoy reading your blogs and watching your videos so much! Since it been forever since I’ve seen you or talk to you it’s nice to know your doing GREAT.

    • Sameeh! You will never know how much LOVE I have for you! Since we were in like 1st grade you gave me your YoYo… I knew we would be friends FOREVER! hahahahaha ROOMIE <3

  2. I totally remember this!!!!! LOL. The things we learn as a kid!

    • Thank you sister for always washing my clothes. Til this day I still don’t know how to do laundry and Philly thinks I’m weird for that! Lol I just know how to fold and arrange it by color coordinate with hangers :) Lol I love you!
      (P.S. That family are the biggest haters I know! #justsayin)

  3. Great post ,love your blog and youtube videos

    • Awwwwww [[<3]] thanks doll!!! Much much Love!! You're the ones that are pushing me to make more videos! I love you so much!

  4. Madora Lay says:

    Hey Girl, Just wanna let you know i love that your doing this props and respect for keepin it real. <3 take cares mama

    • Thanks Baby Girl! I really appreciate trulyyyyyyyy appreciate that! Especially coming from your Sexy Ass! lol Love ya and I wanna kick it with you again! This time I aint preggo! hahaha

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