My Late Night Munchies

After a long day of grinding it’s nice to finally sit down and eat a Good Meal! Philly came home from work and brought back Standford’s for Dinner!  We LOVE To-Go and Take-Outs since its impossible to go to any nice restaurant with Naomi. It’s convince and I don’t have to go grocery shopping or cook! Lol Winning!!!! 
I killed the whole entire plate no joke!!! It was soo bomb! I felt like a complete fat ass cuz I looked over at Philly’s plate and he was barely half way done! Hahaha I love me some BBQ Ribs!!!! Yum-O!! I had to add some Fresh Wild Salmon and Rice to give my body some “Healthy Protein & Natural Carbs” too! lol Plus some Colesaw to go with my yummy Fries! 
Lol this was my Late Night Munchies! I hope I made you hungry! Hahaha

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