[ My Juicy Lifestyle ] Mommy-Free Day w/ Daddy

Today was such a nice and Sunny Day in Portland that I decided to take advantage of it and step out of the house bright & early to run errand with Daddy!


My mother FaceTime Naomi this morning and wanted me to drop her off so she can spend some time with her Grand-daughter. Well I wasn’t going to deprive her from seeing her only Grandkid, so I started packing all of Naomi’s toys, books, diapers, wipes, and coloring crayons and loaded her into the car and off to Grandmothers we went!


My sister-in-law Chi Thao gave me the best inspiration and told me I should do a Before & After picture of Naomi every morning after I get her all ready! Here is Lil Boo’s Outfit Of The Day! LOL She’s sooo my daughter! “PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR! Las, Vegas” This is her doggie “Blue” that she wanted to bring along so he can have a Play-date with Grandma’s Dogs ‘Cookie & Cream’.


Right after I gave Naomi a good-bye kiss & hug I was MOMMY-FREE! I headed straight to Celebrity Tan at Mall 205 so I can get my Vegas Tan Body Back! It felt good to mediate NAKED! I blasted up the music and I was completely in my Zone! hahaha FREEDOM at last! ^_^ “I aint got no panties on!” 


Next stop was to Alterations! I just went on a True Religion Shopping Spree down in Vegas and I finally had time to go in and get them Hemmed! My Alteration Lady totally reminds me of the same Alteration Lady in the Incredibles! Good thing I wore my heels today because  I wanted one of my True Religion jeans long so I can wear with my everyday heels, and one short so I can wear with Flats. She was so sweet and lovely! She told me it’ll be ready for me to pick up tomorrow! YAYY!


My other errand I had to run was go to Best Buy to pick up a Tri-pod for my Sony Bloggie! Here’s Daddy playing with the Nikon 1 Digital Camera! Ohhh I want a Pink ONE so bad!!!

I also picked up Rihanna’s New Album “Talk That Talk” & Jay-Z & Kayne West “Watch The Throne” CD Album! I Love having NEW MUSIC to bump to in my ride!!!



We decided to take a break and head over to Sozo Coffee & Tea Cafe on 82nd to quench our thirst! I got Original Milk Tea with Boba & Philly got a Jackfruit Shake! This place is so cute! They have tons of Game Boards, a real old school Nintendo you can play on, & Free Wifi! There was already a deck of cards laying on the table and I think my Asian side kicked in and I started dealing out 13 cards to play! Of course I lost every round… But at least I brushed up on my shuffling skills!



I called up my cousin Eliza / Stylist to see if she was working today at My Brother’s Crawfish because I suddenly had a craving for some Crawdads!!! YUM!!!

(If you guys like my OOTD it’s because Eliza & Hang picked it out for me for my Birthday Present!!)

It was Happy Hour at MBC and their Oyster Shooters were only $1.50!!!

#BOMB!!! Sooo good! I swear I could eat them all day! Add a dash of Tabasco Hot Sauce and squeeze of some Lemon Juice… and BAM! it’s a burst of delicious flavors!! #PutItInYourMouth ^_^

We ordered 2 pounds of Medium Louisiana Cajun Boiled Crawfish with Sausages and their famous Sweet Butter Cornbread!! I was in FATASS Heaven! I was licking my fingers and sucking out the juice and getting down and dirty! Victory never tasted so sweet! lol I left feeling full and satisfied, and Ready to go pick up my baby from Grandma’s.

My sister Di Di came home early from work to play with us! Thanks for painting my nails! I’m still in LOVE with all of Nicki Minaj’s OPI Nail Lacquers!


This was my wonder Mommy-Free Adventure Day with Daddy! Hope you guys all enjoyed it!! Tomorrow I’m taking Naomi to Playdate PDX to go play with all her friends!! Toodles! [[♥]] -XO Julie





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