Great Ideas for Christmas Traditions

JulieMissJuicy and Naomi

It’s that time of year again! Our Annual Family Tree Cutting Tradition!! Everyone got bundle up and prepared for worst weather because you never know how cold it could get in Oregon (FUN FACT: Did you know that most of the Christmas Trees you buy around the country is from OREGON yayyyy!) Its been my Family tradition for over 7 years to take the kids to the local Tree Farm and chop down our own Christmas Tree and bring it home!

JulieMissJuicy Tree Farm

After a couple of acres into the farm Naomi found the Perfect Tree! She picked out a mini baby Nobel Tree!! We then headed back to the cabin for it to get cleaned & tied up and for a Special Snack Break! Nothing beats Elephant Ears, Polish Sausage Dog, and some Hot Coco to warm our tummy up! Naomi loves her Older cousin Chi SaSa!

JulieMissJuicy DollarTree 

Here’s me and my sisters at the Dollar Tree getting our decorations! HO HO HO!!!! I loveeeeee the Dollar store because everything in there is $1!!! Plus in Oregon there’s NO SALES TAX so I pay exactly 1 BUCK!! I came up on a lot of great Christmas Decorations & Ornaments!!! I left feelin like I just robbed the place!!!! There’s so many different crafts idea supplies and they’re all super cheap! I bought Naomi a  Kids Paint set to do your own Christmas ornaments and Naomi loved it! She had a blast decorating and I enjoyed watching her! Memories that will last a lifetime!

Naomi Christmas Tree


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