I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OUTFIT!! It’s always fun mixing and matching what you have in your closet!
This Pearl Bow Ring is too cute!!! My Middle Finger is a Present for all my HATERS! ^_^ lol

ASOS Pearl Set Bow Ring

This Soft Cowgirl Style is so beautiful!! Totally reminds me of Carrie Underwood! lol


My Lil cousin Lilly came over to hang out with me and Naomi yesterday! We had a blast going to Pizza Schmizza across the street for $3 Happy Hour! I’ve been feeling kind of down lately because my mother be giving me the biggest headaches… She has completely lost all hope in Life and I just needed some Positive Energy. It’s always nice to have family session to talk it out with and to be there for you because who more can you trust than BLOOD. We just understand eachother because we know that none of our families are perfect but at the end of the day, it’s about who’s standing next to you and still LOVING you. I may not have all the money in the world, but my family brings me more joy than buying a new LV purse or new shoes. I just want to see Naomi grow up being the person she wants to be. Whether she wants to be a Model, Singer, Actress, Doctor, or Lawyer, I’m going to continue to support her Dreams and Let her know that I’ll be there to catch her if she falls. That’s what a mother is suppose to do.
I’ll never set standards for my daughter because I don’t believe in putting her in shoes she can’t fill. I believe in inspiring and encouraging her because that way I’ll never be “disappointed” and she can go above and beyond my expectation. My mother has always believe in tough love, and I just learn that I want Naomi to grow up being a “FREE SPIRIT”person like me. Instead of following the Vietnamese Traditions ways, I want her to always LOVE what she’s doing.

Okay Happy Friday Everyone! Naomi says it’s Play-Doh Time! lol Can’t wait until she goes over to Grandma’s house tomorrow so mommy can finally have a day off! lol [[♥]] ONE LOVE!

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  1. Kayla Nelson says:

    I love that bow ring, where did you get it?! ♥

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