Life Needs Frostin

What the heck am I doing up at 1AM?! Lol eating a Cinnabon Carmel Pecan Cinnamon Roll!!!! #Yum Great way to end my birthday diet! Lol My cousin Victoria also tempts me with her Delicious Cinna-Buns!! Total Satisfaction!!!! It tastes extra sweet right now!!! Cuz when Friday comes we fasting for Lent!!!!!! ^_^

My daughter Naomi is so funny she cracks me up on a daily!! She wanted to give mommy a foot massage to make me happy!! Bless her poor heart!!! She’s my little diva in training because She told me it was her turn now!!! #ManiPediTime


Lol the only thing I forgot to add on My Birthday Wish List was this crazy Full Body Massager Chair from Brookestone! Yesterday My Personal Stylist / cousin Eliza kidnap me to the mall so I can get some Mommy-Free time! Talk about Ballin on a Budget!! I was in heaven!!! I felt like I was going on a Roller Coaster Ride or a Rocketship!!! #LiftOff I swear I rode that ride 5 times because I did not get up for nothing for at least 20minutes!! I always make sure I stop at Brookestone before I start/end my shopping trip at the mall!! I came home Positive & Calm!! ^_^ No wonder it’s $3,495 now on sale for $2,199 at Brookestone!!!!!! #Holla

Best Free Spa Day Ever!!!!









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