Kadan’s 3rd Birthday @FlipNOut in Las Vegas, Nevada


Last week I was in Vegas for Philly’s nephew birthday party at FLIP-n-OUT! It was so much fun!! I felt like a kid again jumping all over the Trampolines!!! BONG BONG BONG!! It was this Huge FOOTBALL FIELD worth of trampolines that you and leap, jump, hop, bounce, roll, kick, and any thing you really want in the air! ;) I Love Family Bonding Timeeeeee! Thank you so much Anh Tom, Chi Stacy, Anh Lai, Anh Chuong, Chi Linda, Vikki & Robert for giving us a nice & Relaxing Getaway Trip! It’s good to have Family EVERYWHERE!!! OMG I can’t believe I went to FLIP-n-OUT after I went to the WYNN BUFFET for LUNCH!! *ouch* “hurts so baddddd” I swear I gained like 10lbs from my Vacation! All I did was EAT BOMB FOOD! [[♥]]

CHECK OUT MY VLOG & Kadan’s 3rd Birthday VIDEO!

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